Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer took questions from the media on Friday and answered inquiries about his goals and the start of spring training. Bauer ended the interview when his social media exchange with a Texas State student from earlier this week was brought up.

A reporter asked Bauer about "the social media thing," which was referring to the allegations of "harassment" that came after Bauer mentioned the college student, senior Nikki Giles, in 80 different tweets (as of Tuesday). The Twitter exchange started on Saturday night with a then-seemingly-playful exchange of jabs on Twitter. Giles's tweeted that Bauer was her "least favorite person in all sports" in response to the Indians' pitcher attempt to make fun of Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman, who is Giles's favorite player.

"Yeah, thanks for your time guys," Bauer told the reporters as soon as the question was brought up. 

The reporter who asked about the incident followed up. "Seriously?" he asked about Bauer ending the interview. 

"Yep," the 27-year-old pitcher said before walking away.

After Bauer came under public scrutiny following the exchanges–and after Giles reported Bauer to the Indians "several times" for "repeated harassment,"– the pitcher issued a statement on Thursday saying that he did not intend for his actions to have a negative impact.

"I have been made aware that some of the interactions related to a specific Twitter exchange may have had a negative impact," Bauer wrote on Twitter. "That was not my intention. I will wield the responsibility of my public platform more responsibly in the future."