Ventura had $20.25 million in guaranteed money remaining on his contract, which was supposed to be paid to his estate.

By Emily Caron
February 12, 2019

Two years after Kansas City pitcher Yordano Ventura died in a car crash, the remaining $20.25 million on his contract has still not been paid to his estate, the Kansas City Star reports.

The fatal single-car crash occurred in Juan Adrian, a town in his native Dominican Republic, in January of 2017. Ventura was 25.

At the time of his death, Ventura had three years and $20.25 million left on a five-year contract he'd signed with the Royals before the 2015 season. 

Ventura's five-year-old daughter is listed as the sole heir to the 2015 World Series champion's estate. Her mother, who serves as the estate's executor, has hired attorneys to pursue the remaining money. The Star added that the matter is currently being negotiated between the MLB and the Players' Association, but the grievance process is confidential.

According to the StarVentura is believed to be the first MLB player with a multi-year guaranteed contract to have died before the deal expired. The lack of precedent could be contributing to the delay in payment to his estate.

In the season prior to his death, Ventura went 11–12 with a 4.45 ERA and 144 strikeouts. He made his MLB debut on Sept. 17, 2013 and spent four seasons with the Royals before his death.

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