This fan could not contain her excitement about Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies.

By Jenna West
March 01, 2019

The city of Philadelphia is celebrating the arrival of star outfielder Bryce Harper after the Phillies inked a record-breaking 13-year, $330 million with him on Thursday.

One fan in particular could not contain herself after learning about Harper's deal while being interviewed by a camera crew from NBC Philadelphia.

"That's literally the best news ever," she said. "We're winning everything. I trust the process for basketball, the Flyers are doing...oh and the Phillies."

She also said she's a fan of the Orioles and Manny Machado, admitting it's "conflicting." Despite Machado signing with the Padres after the Phillies pursued him, she could not have been more excited for what Harper will bring to Philadelphia sports.

Hey, at least it beats having to pay attention to the Orioles this year. 

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