The sports documentary explores steroid scandals in baseball, including Alex Rodriguez's involvement with the Biogeneis clinic.

The trailer dropped this week for the new documentary Screwball, which explores steroid scandals in Major League Baseball.

The documentary focuses heavily on former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and his use of performance enhancing drugs. It highlights Rodriguez's 2009 press conference where he admitted to using PEDs early in his career but said he wouldn't moving forward. The film goes into the infielder's eventual involvement with fake doctor Tony Bosch and the Biogenesis clinic, his suspension and his efforts to overturn it.

While the story itself is compelling enough, director Bill Corben also uses children to help recreate scenes told by Bosch and Porter Fisher, a Florida man also involved in the drama.

Corben told For the Win in November that the format was inspired by the show Drunk History, and while MLB and Rodriguez probably don't want fans to watch the film, the point wasn't to drag the ex-Yankee through the mud.

"Our effort [in telling the story] isn’t to remind everyone what an a-- [Rodriguez] is," Corben said. "It’s just to tell the truth in what happened in the story."

Corben has also directed other sports documentaries, including Cocaine Cowboys and The U, an ESPN 30 for 30 film. In addition to A-Rod, Screwball also focuses on other baseball stars, like Manny Ramirez and Ryan Braun. Both tested postive for banned substances and served suspensions.

Watch the trailer below.

Screwball hits theaters on March 29.