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Ex-Phillies 1B Carlos Santana Took A Bat To Clubhouse TV Because Teammates Played Fortnite

Ex-Phillies 1B Carlos Santana took a bat to the clubhouse TV because teammates played Fortnite during games.

The video game Fortnite has brought professional teams together and have also drawn the ire of some who think the obsession over the two-year old online game is out of control.

Count former Philadelphia Phillies veteran first baseman Carlos Santana as one of those who would rather see it go away.

When the Phillies were in the midst of a late season swoon in 2018, Santana said there were players who played Fortnite during games.

"I see a couple players—I don't want to say names—they play video games during the game," Santana told ESPN. "We come and lose too many games, and I feel like they weren't worried about it. Weren't respecting their teammates or coaches or the staff or the [front] office. It's not my personality. But I'm angry because I want to make it good."

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To alleviate the Fortnite problem, Santana took a bat to the clubhouse television, ensuring those players who did play the game would have to do so away from Citizens Bank Park.

"I don't know what happened," Santana said, "but I've never seen that in my life -- during the game, playing video games. It's not professional. Each team is everybody all together. I understand we're eliminated for the season, but you have to have pride."

Santana hit .229 with 24 home runs and 86 RBI in his only season in Philadelphia.

The Phillies began September three games back of the NL East lead, but went 8–20 in the month and finished 80–82, 10 games back on the Atlanta Braves.

Santana was traded back to the Cleveland Indians, where he spent his first eight seasons, in a three-team deal in December.