The Major League Baseball Umpires Association responded to Manny Machado's suspension by issuing an absurd statement Tuesday.

By Charlotte Carroll
June 18, 2019

The Major League Baseball Umpires Association responded to Manny Machado's suspension by issuing a strongly-worded statement Tuesday equating Machado's actions to "violence in the workplace."

The MLBUA posted the statement to Twitter, along with the hashtags that included, "Disappointed," "LeadByExample," "Violence," "TemperTantrum," "Nonsense" and "MakeanExampleof." The tweet had close to a thousand replies on Twitter and garnered response from other players, including Alex Wood. 

"Manny Machado received a one-game suspension for contact with an umpire over balls and strikes and VIOLENTLY throwing his bat against the backstop with absolutely no regard to anyone's safety," the statement read. "Violence in the workplace is not tolerated, and offenders are dealt with severely and even made examples of for the good of its employees, as well as the company itself. Is this truly what MLB wants to teach our youth?"

The MLBUA expanded upon this even further on its Facebook page. 

The comments come after Machado denied he made contact with plate umpire Bill Welke and said he'd appeal his one-game suspension and fine that he was given after getting ejected for arguing a called third strike Saturday night. The MLB said the punishment was for "aggressively arguing and making contact'' with Welke.

Machado responded to the MLBUA's on Tuesday.

"Honestly, I'm just waiting for hearing to plea my case and that's all we're going to worry about," Machado said. "I know I got MLB and the Padres and ownership behind me on this, and we're just all on the some page and we're going to move forward from this."

While Machado declined to comment on if he thought the comments were inappropriate, manager Andy Green said the MLB's stance is also the Padres.

"I know who Manny has been for us since he's been here," Green said. "He's been an unbelievable leader, great teammate, great clubhouse presence... He's shown nothing but integrity since he's been here."

Machado is still waiting for a decision on the suspension.

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