2020 Fantasy Baseball: SIScores, Rankings and Projections

Shawn Childs has developed a new way of grading player performances and projecting values using a tool he calls SIscores. Check out his positional 2020 fantasy baseball rankings.

The SI projections are based on two months of baseball research. Each pitcher and hitter has a unique skill set that is forever changing from month to month and year to year. Each player is looked at individually based on past history in the major and minors while also intaking that possible upside from their scouting report. The batters are inputed in each major league team's starting lineup along with five bench players. The sum of all players are projected for 162 games with nine batting slots per game. In the National League, I used a baseline of 341 at-bats for the pitching slot with a .158 batting average, 15 runs, two home runs, and 17 RBI or 99 games of plate appearances. A change in playing time due to an injury or an improvement/demotion in the starting lineup can quickly raise or lower a player's projections as we approach the regular season. All wins projection for pitchers are matched up with the Vegas Over/Unders for each major league team with about one third of a team's possible wins going to the bullpen. 

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