Welcome to Major League Baseball’s most embarrassing new team, the Buffalo Blue Jays. Or maybe it’ll be the Pittsburgh Blue Jays. They haven’t worked that part out yet.

The only thing we know for sure is the team won’t be playing in Toronto, as the Canadian government doesn’t think it is safe for players to travel back and forth from the United States. Which means it's safe to say America’s pastime has come face to face with its present, with no guarantee either is wearing a mask.

Good thing the Jays don’t have to worry about selling tickets and that the Raptors are playing with everyone else in Orlando.

Look, I’m happy sports are back, but this Blue Jays ordeal is kind of a reminder of why they were gone and why there has been apprehension around their return. It’s also why I credited the NBA for the plan it put together to deal with the situation at hand

But I can’t really put responsibility at the feet of the leagues, they have been put in a tough position by the response of the country—which basically struck out looking in handling this thing. And that’s why the commissioners of professional sports are being looked at for leadership beyond what we’re used to seeing.

So, as fans, let’s not take the return of sports for granted, even if we can’t be in the stands. The NFL still doesn’t have its protocols in place, the NBA is at Disney World, MLB players are hitting home runs in masks and the Blue Jays have been forced to fly south.

Here’s a plea, please do your part...because I do want to get back to reading stats that have to do with touchdowns, field goals and at bats; and not the ones showing we Trump other countries when it comes to coronavirus cases.