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Longtime Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen is one of the many free agents unable to sign a new contract due to the ongoing MLB lockout.

Jansen has spent his entire MLB career with the Dodgers. It's hard to imagine him on another team. But, according to a fan poll on MLB Trade, the baseball public thinks Jansen is coming back to the Dodgers.

Who Will Sign Kenley Jansen

  1. Dodgers 27.11%
  2. Blue Jays 11.07%
  3. Red Sox 6.97%
  4. Mets 5.96%
  5. Cardinals 5.70%
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Note, the results above reflect voting through the morning of January 24th.

Jansen had his lowest ERA in three years in 2021 (2.22). The mighty righty also logged 38 saves.'s Darrah McDonald provided his thoughts on the prospect of Jansen returning to LA.

"Perhaps the most sensible prediction is that he just sticks with the team he’s played his entire career with. However, the Dodgers already have a strong bullpen and more urgent needs elsewhere on the roster, particularly the starting rotation. It can’t be ruled out that they let Kenley walk and dedicate their resources elsewhere."

According to fans though, Jansen will once again be wearing Dodgers blue in 2022 and beyond.