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Dodgers Rumors: Club Has Kept in Touch with All-Star Shortstop in Free Agency

Will the Dodgers be able to retain Trea Turner?

All signs point towards Trea Turner finding a new home in 2023 but the Dodgers won't give up so easily. The idea of the Dodgers paying Turner what the market will look to offer seems like a long shot, but both sides at-least have remained in contact despite no reports of meeting in-person.

There were concerns of talks going nowhere, but luckily the fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Dodgers are at-least attempting to bring Turner back. The Phillies continue to emerge as the favorites to land Turner but Turner has been open of playing the rest of his career in the west coast.

The east coast will always call his name, but from a beat newsletter led by Juan Toribio, it has been confirmed the two sides are still trying to work something out (via MLB).

Yes. Both sides have talked over the last few weeks, but they will definitely benefit from seeing each other in person again in San Diego. However, as we’ve reported, the chances of Turner coming back to the Dodgers on a long-term deal aren’t that high.

The market for Turner remains at an all-time high after the career season Turner had. It may be hard for Turner to replicate such a season giving the Dodgers less reason to pay him the money he's looking for.

“Turner isn’t fully opposed to playing the rest of his career on the West Coast, but his preference is to return east, and that’s where most people around the league see him ending up. The Dodgers would also be reluctant to offer Turner an eight-year deal worth over $250 million, which is approximately what the two-time All-Star is expected to receive on the open market.”

Even without the Dodgers, Turner is expected to break the bank with a massive deal. Hopefully the Dodgers and Turner can reunite, but it's hard to not be happy for him if he cashes in.