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Dodgers Rumors: Cy Young Winner In Conversations With Mets

Will the Dodgers still be apart of the Justin Verlander sweepstakes?
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There's still hope among Dodgers fans for the team to replace Tyler Anderson with the likes of someone like Justin Verlander, but now the Mets have emerged as a potential landing spot for Verlander. The Mets also have some decisions to make among there pitching unit still leaving the door open for the Dodgers to land a top ace. 

If the Mets choose to bring on Verlander, who is also expected to command big money, this will mean the likely departure of Jacob deGrom. However, the Mets have some risk to think about when monitoring which pitchers seem to be the best options (via Ken Rosenthal, The Athletic). 

Verlander turns 40 in February, Scherzer 39 in July. Verlander is expected to command a multi-year contract with an average salary in the range of Scherzer’s record $43.3 million. The Mets might be reluctant to pay a combined $80 million-plus for two pitchers who have combined for more than 6,000 career innings, including the postseason. 

deGrom has dealt with his fair share injuries throughout his career, but when healthy he's one of the most dominant pitchers in the game. At the same time, deGrom is 35 years old so he will command a bigger contract than Verlander. 

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This of course doesn't close the door for the Dodgers to go after deGrom, who also reportedly have shown interest (Mike Puma, New York Post).

The Rangers, Dodgers, Cubs and Yankees are among the other teams that could be in play for deGrom, whose previous deal called for him to receive $32.5 million next season. 

deGrom's huge contract may be enough to turn the Dodgers away leaving the team to decide if bringing in Verlander makes the most sense. There are many ways the Dodgers can go, but with over $100 million off the books, it's looking more likely each day the Dodgers are ready to make a big move.