Video: Dodger Fan Pens Song About Lost Love, Baseball

Video: Dodger Fan Pens Song About Lost Love, Baseball

I get a lot of stuff. People send me all kinds of stuff, most of it baseball-related and much of which brings a smile to my face.

Just this weekend alone I received a copy of Fred Claire’s new book about this battle with skin cancer, "Extra Innings: Fred Claire's Journey to City of Hope and Finding a World Championship Team" (available July 7, 2020; look for a piece on that one in this space soon) and a fun music video tribute to baseball, absent for far too long this Memorial Day.

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The song, “Bring Baseball Back to Us,” (subtitled "MLB vs. MLBPA") is by old pal, Bartt Warburton. He is a lifelong Dodgers fan and a long-portion-of-his-life Texas Rangers fan, in part because of his devotion to Nolan Ryan. Hence, the American League West club's jersey.

Disclaimer: Just so we're clear, that's not actually Rob Manfred in the video, OK? Don't send letters to the editor to complain about it. It's a joke, with the same Warburton appearing as both the commissioner and as himself. He does the Jerry Lewis/Eddie Murphy/Nutty Professor thing from time to time, where he plays all the characters in a piece. In another non-baseball video, for example, which can be found here.

And remember, glove conquers all.

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