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NEW YORK- After spending all six seasons of his big-league career with the Mets, Michael Conforto opened up about what could possibly be his final home game in Queens.

"I understand that it could be the last game," Conforto told SNY prior to Thursday's series finale at Citi Field with the Marlins. "The emotions are there, I had a little trouble sleeping last night if I'm being completely honest. 

"There's been so much that's happened here. It's been a wild ride, a lot of ups and downs," Conforto said. "But like I've said many times before, I've grew up in a lot of ways here. I never thought I'd be in New York to start my career and when I did get the opportunity, I was extremely excited and I felt very fortunate to go to the peak of the big market. And so, It's definitely going to be an emotional game."

The Mets selected Conforto in the first-round of the 2014 MLB draft out of Oregon State University. And one-year later, he found himself making his MLB debut during a pivotal point in the 2015 season, helping the Mets make a run to capture an NL East title.

Conforto made an instant impact for that Mets team, taking over as their starting left fielder on their journey to the World Series. And in Game 4 of said World Series, Conforto became the first rookie since Andruw Jones in 1996 to have a multi-home run performance in a WS contest.

From there, Conforto went on to have a stellar career with the Mets, accumulating 131 homers, 392 RBIs and an .822 OPS in 755 games. He also made the All-Star team back in 2017.

With his free agency decision looming, Conforto has been hit right in the feels, soaking up the reality that his time with the Mets could be coming to an end this winter.

"There's a lot of stuff going on today. Packing up and getting ready to go on the road and packing up to go home, so I've been staying busy but it's going to be a special game," said Conforto. "Regardless of what goes down in the offseason, we'll see what happens, but this feels like home in a lot of ways."

One factor riding on Conforto possibly sticking around for at least another season, is due to the disappointing 2021 campaign he has endured. In 123 games, Conforto slashed an anemic .225/.338/.370 with a .708 OPS, 13 homers and 52 RBIs. 

This means the Mets could potentially extend him a one-year qualifying offer so he can build his value back up next season, before re-entering the free agent market after 2022.

Conforto is still just 28-years-old, and his overall track record speaks for itself. Not to mention, he is excellent defensively in right field.

Maybe there is a team that takes these factors into account and dishes out big money to Conforto on a long-term deal. But at this point, it seems like Conforto will be a Met next season, as long as the team chooses to extend him the QO.

"Michael Conforto has been a stalwart for us for many years…We think very highly of Michael…Obviously, Michael has not had the year he would have liked, but his career speaks for itself," said team president Sandy Alderson during his press conference on Wednesday. 

According to Alderson, the Mets will be making a decision on Conforto in the coming weeks.

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And given the history of their extensive relationship, nobody knows Conforto's value better than the Mets. This leaves the door open for at least another year together, before a possible breakup.

Regardless, the end of the 2021 season is an emotional one for Conforto due to all he has accomplished with the Mets, and the uncertainty surrounding his upcoming free agency.

Conforto picked up three hits and two RBIs, while also making a diving somersault catch in right field for the second out of the ninth inning, which helped the Mets secure a 12-3 victory over the Marlins tonight.

After the game, Conforto poured his heart out regarding his special evening and spoke about what the support from the fans meant to him.

"There were a lot of emotions taking the field and in some of my preparations throughout the game, but it all hit me kind of towards the end of the game and obviously making that play and hearing the reaction from the fans.

"Just a lot going on when I'm standing out there. Fans cheering my name and telling me 'don't go' and stuff like that. I mean obviously it really was a special night for me. It's tough to put into words, the emotions were definitely there. I tried to fight it as best I could but when you got a crowd like that supporting you it's a great feeling."

Conforto became choked up when speaking on the hugs he received coming into the dugout following the win, as well as the moment he had with his teammates in the clubhouse afterwards.

"Those things are special to me. It was definitely something I'll never forget."

"My message to them was: 'It's been a tough year. It's definitely been a grind for all of us, but to have the guys in there like I do, made it a lot easier.' We are a very close group, we spend more time together than we do with our families, so for them to react the way that they did was awesome."

As far as if tonight felt like the end of an era for Conforto, he said it did feel like that given what transpired, but he doesn't know what the future holds.

"It's a moment where you look back at everything that has happened up to this point. A World Series, that I was really fortunate to be able to come up and have an impact in my first year. A big injury in an All-Star year, some adversity, some ups-and-downs, some tough years, some good years.

"There's a whole lot that goes into it, which you look back on....hundreds of relationships we'll see what happens in the future. I loved every second that I was blessed to come to play here in New York."

Regardless, Conforto is grateful for the connection he has grown to have with the Citi Field faithful.

"Maybe it's love. And the feeling is mutual. I've loved every interaction I've had with the fans. Good or bad, It's passion and I've got passion for the game so I can understand that, so all I can say is thank you to the people who were there tonight, to the people who have supported me the whole time I've been here, I'm just thankful."

After all the good times he has had here, Conforto said being on a winning team is definitely going to play a huge part in his upcoming decision in the near future.

Whether he sees that team being the Mets, this remains to be seen. 

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