Rangers' Trevino is 'Ready For An Opportunity'

Chris Halicke

When the Rangers signed free agent Robinson Chirinos, the team addressed a position of need going in the 2020 season. The Rangers' catching tandem as a whole performed well below standards in 2019. With management ready to shifting toward a stronger focus on competing for a playoff spot, catcher was a position that was likely to be addressed before the team broke for spring training. 

Before the Rangers brought Chirinos back to Arlington, Jeff Mathis and Jose Trevino were the projected duo behind the plate. Now that Chirinos is back, although the position is now upgraded, the situation becomes a bit murky. 

Does Mathis or Trevino makes the roster behind Chirinos? Do the Rangers carry three catchers with the active roster expanding to 26 players?

"We've got some time to figure that out," Jon Daniels said at a press conference on Wednesday. "I don't think we've committed to that yet. It could be two, could be three depending on how it plays out."

Daniels praised both Mathis and Trevino for their contributions in 2019, but he gave a pretty strong indication of what direction the team may be heading for 2020.

"Most likely it will be Robby [Chirinos] and Jeff [Mathis]," Jon Daniels said. "We're open-minded. We could go with three or something could happen."

That something could happen at spring training, especially when the formation of the Rangers' Opening Day roster starts to take shape. Despite Mathis having the upper hand on making the roster, Jose Trevino isn't allowing the looming decision to impact his mindset as spring training approaches. 

"I've got no control over that. I don't make those decisions," Trevino said. "I'm just ready to go to spring training and compete."

Trevino is coming off a strong impression in his first extended look at the Major League level. He slashed .258/.272/.383 with two home runs and 13 RBI's in 40 games last season. He also provided solid defense behind the dish as well. 

"I had an opportunity for two months to show the world who I was," Trevino said. "It gave me confidence to believe in myself, believe that I belong there. I think it's going to carry me into this next season."

Trevino has also been spending a lot of time with Rangers' hitting coach Luis Ortiz this offseason, making necessary adjustments to improve his bat.

"Just some plate discipline type of stuff, swing plane, rhythm. Just kind of getting the base stuff down," Trevino said. "Working with Luis this whole offseason has really helped a ton. Him having his eyes on me the whole time has been great.”

Regardless of how management is projecting the roster in January, Trevino has been proactive in being prepared for what the 2020 could bring. The Rangers have overhauled their starting rotation by adding Corey Kluber, Kyle Gibson, and Jordan Lyles. 

Jose Trevino has done his homework. 

"I think I'm going to be pretty familiar with them. What a lot of people don't know is that I've been watching film on them and contacted some of their catchers, specifically Roberto Perez to see what he has on Kluber," Trevino said. "I've been watching film, getting to know them, getting to know their tendencies, what they like to do in certain counts, and seeing things that they like to do."

Trevino may or may not be on the outside looking in by the end of March, but that's not stopping him from going about his business the proper way.

"I'm just going to go about it and be ready for an opportunity." 

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Trevino should back up Chirinos...that's a absolute no brainer...Mathis can't hit to save his life, and the Rangers already have enough guys not hitting very well...last thing they need is another guy that can't hit...even if he is only playing every 3rd day or so...