SI Insider: The Path to an MLB Season Starting is Easier Said Than Done

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People had been looking at baseball in Asia as a possible road back for MLB, but the comparison falls apart when you start to think about scale. 

The KBO in Korea has only 10 teams and the greatest distance between them is a 50 minute plane ride. The CPBL in Taiwan has only five teams and the greatest distance between them 180 miles and MLB has 30 teams with 40-man rosters and they are scattered around a huge country. 

The better comparison might be the German Bundesliga, which has thirty-eight teams in two divisions. They intend to restart their season on May 16th. They have been practicing under strict social-distancing guidelines and frequent testing. Well, during the testing phase two players on the Dynamo Dresden tested positive. And that means the entire team, players and staff, were sent to quarantine for two weeks. No training, no games. 

Now, imagine that scenario in MLB. Now we're talking about not three or four games, but twelve games over two weeks. That would be fifteen percent of an eighty-one game season. And what would pitchers do for a two week period where they can't train? Now you begin to understand why the road back is not easy.