Where are the Best Ballparks in Baseball?

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As MLB fans impatiently wait for the league to return back to normalcy, famous stadiums such as Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Yankees Stadium remain empty. SI's Stephanie Epstein discusses the most famous stadiums in baseball and reveals her top ballpark in MLB.

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Robin Lundberg: Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, there are a lot of famous ballparks in baseball. But which one is the best? Are MLB staff rank them, including Stephanie? Stephanie, you at Camden Yards, number one? 

Yankee Stadium (2009)

Stephanie Epstein: Yeah. To me, that's as I said. And that's the platonic ideal of a ballpark. It's got all of the it looks kind of like a fun Y and a really one of these old jewel box stadiums. But it also has seats designed to fit a 21st century human doesn't have the bad sightlines. I think it's sort of the best way you could update a ballpark.

Robin Lundberg: Yeah. I mean, I lived in Maryland, went to school at UMD. I agree. It's a it's a great ballpark. Problem is, it doesn't have a baseball team really.


Stephanie Epstein: Well, that's true. But they do have great crab cakes concessions. So you can give a up with a pretty nice night there. 

Robin Lundberg: Do you like the ballparks that were designed in the past, though, the Wrigley Field and not the the newer ones like say that the renewed Yankee Stadium?

Stephanie Epstein: Yeah, I I like the history. I like the idea that Ted Williams played there. I think I think Yankee Stadium could have been that sort of going into that. But it feels a little bit soulless. I think a lot of the new ballparks feel that way.

Wrigley Field

Robin Lundberg: The old ones have that character in them. Stephanie, appreciate your time, as always. Thanks for having me.

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