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Alex Rodriguez Implores MLB Players to Accept Owners Proposal of a Revenue Share

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Alex Rodriguez is imploring MLB player to accept the owners' proposed revenue share. The issue is at the heart of the proposal where it states that an abridged 83-game season would start in July and the players and owners would split the revenue 50-50. Many players aren't willing to accept this with the fear it could create a salary cap, something the Players Union has been trying to avoid. 

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In a controversial statement, Alex Rodriguez encouraged players to accept the owners proposal of a revenue share in order to play a currently paused 2020 MLB season. Now the issue is at the heart of the owners proposal to begin an 82 game regular season in July, and it stipulates that players and owners would split the league's 2020 revenue 50/50. Now, players are hesitant to accept this. Many believing that this would lead to a salary cap, which is something the union has fought hard against. Now, the union also sees this as the league going back on a March agreement that said players would receive a pro-rated portion of their twenty salaries for games played. 


Rodriguez said in a video posted to Twitter, quote, "Players want to play. Fans want to watch. At the end of the day, if you don't play today, you don't win tomorrow because hopefully we don't have another situation like this." That being said, A-Rod is MLB, its highest paid player of all time in 20 seasons. He made four hundred fifty five million dollars. Rodriguez recently flirted with buying the Mets, but is not an MLB team owner.

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