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Los Angeles Dodgers Broadcasters Jaime and Jorge Jarrin on MLB Start in July

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Major League Baseball has never experienced a time like now with the coronavirus pandemic. Although we know the season will resume next month the question remains, what will happen to the broadcasters that take us through every game and how has Covid-19 affected them? Kaitlin O'Toole is joined with the longest-tenured broadcaster in the majors Jamie Jarrin and the other half to the Dodger's Spanish duo, his son Jorge Jarrin.

Jamie Jarrin was set to begin his 62nd season as the Dodgers’ Spanish-language broadcaster. In the last six decades, he's seen a lot, the strikes, the L.A Riots, September 11th, and was even in an earthquake but Jarrin said he has never experienced anything like the current crisis. He shares how this work stoppage has affected him, his son, and the entire broadcast community. Jorge Jarrin shares the steps the Dodgers are taking to ensure media safety plus how they are being asked to handle safety procedures when the season resumes.