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Dodgers to Pay Mookie Betts Through 2044 After 12 Year Extension

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Mookie Betts played his first game as a Los Angeles Dodger Thursday after signing baseball’s second-largest total dollar deal: 12 years and $365 million.

According to contract details obtained by The Associated Press, Betts will not receive all of his money until 2044.

The Dodgers outfielder has a $65 million signing bonus that is guaranteed against work stoppages and shortened seasons like the 2020 season. The bonus will come in annual installments each Nov. 1 from 2021-35: $5 million each of the first 12 years, $2 million in 2033 and 2034, and a final payment of $1 million.

It's a deal that sounds a bit familiar to former NY Met's Bobby Bonilla- who's retired but still gets paid 1.9 million dollars a year.

Mookie Bett's deal also includes $115 million in deferred payment but he does not have a no-trade provision- meaning if he is traded, the deferrals would be eliminated and the money would be due in each season the contract covers.

Since its a 60 games shortened season, Betts’ prorated salary this year is a cool $10 million.