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MLB Opening Day Had Dr. Fauci, Trump and the Yankees

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MLB Opening Day was a lot. Starting with the first pitch by Fauci Cent. 

And while his attempt was a good distance away from anyone, social media was unable to mask its mockery. At least this was something airborne no one could catch.

And in defense of the good doctor, he’s hardly in quarantine when it comes to those who have struggled in making a ceremonial throw. We’ll see if Donald Trump can do better, as he’s apparently scheduled to attempt one at a Yankees game in August. 

But unlike with Fauci, that decision is likely to cause controversy rather than hilarity. Because as we saw both teams take a knee before the national anthem last night and Yanks manager Aaron Boone show support wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, having this particular President take the mound at Yankee Stadium is likely to put the players in an awkward position, including the questions they will surely be asked. 

As we know kneeling is contrary to his stance. Though, perhaps he accepted because he knows there likely won’t be fans and thus no boos for him and everyone else to hear. 

Speaking of the lack of fans, I really didn’t miss them. In fact, fans at home had a great vantage point to see just how far Giancarlo Stanton’s home run traveled.

Of course, the return of sports didn’t come without a reminder of why they were gone as Washington Nationals star Juan Soto missed the game due to a positive coronavirus test and was asymptomatic while at practice, news that gave me further appreciation for the NBA’s plan.

Nevertheless, the season began, here’s hoping they can make it through, unlike last night’s opener, which was called final early due to rain. 

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