2021 BBWAA Voters do not Elect any New Players to Hall of Fame for the 8th Time in its History

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The 2021 National Baseball Hall of Fame class was announced on Tuesday and for the 8th time in history the BBWAA did not vote a player into the Hall of Fame.

Baseball has always had its share of controversial players and this year's Hall of Fame ballot was no different. The top 3 on the ballot- Schilling, Bonds and Clemens. Bonds and Clemens had no movement in votes but we did see a slight uptick in Schilling, still not enough to get him into the HOF. Now Schillings has written a letter to the Hall of Fame requesting to be removed from the ballot saying he will not participate in the final year of voting. Sports Illustrated's Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by Stephanie Apstein for insight.