Brian Cashman Explains Why He Trusts Aaron Boone to Lead the Yankees

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NEW YORK — When the Yankees revealed general manager Brian Cashman would be addressing the media on Monday afternoon, speculation ensued. 

With the Yankees situated in the cellar of the American League with a 5-10 record, was New York going to announce some sort of personnel change? Was Aaron Boone's job as manager in danger?  

As much as the start to this season has been disappointing, Cashman didn't begin his presser with an announcement. In fact, no changes were made. The GM repeated that he has faith in this team to turn this 15-game slump into a championship run by the end of the summer, reiterating the belief that better days are ahead.

So Cashman has confidence in New York's roster, but what about Boone and the rest of the coaching staff? Asked directly about why he believes this group is the right crew to lead this team to the promised land, all Cashman needed was one word.


"I've got a lot of trust in the people we have," Cashman explained. "I've been around the block a long time now and had a number of different managers, number of different coaches. They were all faced with the same situation at times on a year in and year out basis. It just comes down to trying to put your players in the best position possible to succeed, giving them the best information you can and in the simplest terms you can and then letting them play. Staying out of the way and letting them play."

The general manager added that he's seen this entire coaching staff "work a lot of magic" in the past, another reason why he supports them. 

This is Boone's fourth season at the helm in the Bronx, managing the Yankees to a 241-158 record in the regular season entering play on Tuesday. It's his track record in the postseason, for a team with expectations to win it all each year, that could eventually contribute to the skipper sitting on the hot seat. 

New York has made it to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons as manager. They've come close each time, but have yet to reach the World Series, let alone win. 

Even with this slow start in 2021, Cashman isn't giving up on this group and doesn't have any plans to make any changes. That said, he and his team atop the organization are always monitoring the situation, cross-checking all categories to ensure the best possible product is representing this club each day.

Could that impact Boone's job security down the line? Sure. For now, the manager and this coaching staff aren't going anywhere.

"Whether it's your infield coach, outfield coach, hitting coach, pitching coach, the front office, the manager, the bench coach, you're always making sure you're checking every box in your job on a daily basis," Cashman said. "Because obviously, when you're not thriving in the category, especially like our offense, that you're capable of, then the smaller stuff gets magnified."


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