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Celeb First Pitches: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

Katrina Campins :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images looks at the long-standing tradition of celebrities throwing out the first pitch at MLB games by dividing the famous folks into the following categories: "Celebrities Who Know How to Throw a Baseball," "Wookies and Animals," "Attractive Women Who Throw Like Girls," "Grown Men Who Throw Like Girls" and "D-Listers Who Should Not Qualify." Former Apprentice hottie (and Stewart Mandel friend) Katrina Campins was put into the latter category, but we're glad she qualified. (Thanks to Brad, of New York, for sending us the link.)

Craigslist Item Of The Day

RedSoxMonster has the info on a couple of guys looking for dates to an upcoming Red Sox game. One problem. The guys can't post their pics because they dropped their camera in the toilet.

We Love Flair, But This Is Absurd

If you thought politicians wasting their time on steroids was ridiculous, how about a representative honoringRic Flair on the House floor?

LeBron Loves To Look Good

What's the most important thing to LeBron James when he's on the court? He says it's having clean sneakers.

Cubs Flubs

Kerry Wood :: Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Kerry Wood may have mastered the art of spitting, but not the art of getting out of a hot tub, according to, which fondly looks back at the most bizarre injuries in Cubs history (Thanks to Shaun, of Bloomington, Ind., for sending us the link.)

This Is Why They Call Fans Fanatics

It's one thing to imitate your favorite players. But when your favorite player is a goalie, it's another thing to actually dress up in full gear while attending a game. Not to mention copy his every move.

Can't They Just Stick To Doing The Wave?

Yesterday, we linked to a story about a Bruins fan who relieved himself on other fans during a recent game. Well, has found something that took place at a baseball stadium that's just as disgusting.

La La Lays It Out

Reports from yesterday that claimed Carmelo Anthony's wife, La La Vazquez, wouldn't pick him up after his DUI arrest are false. Vazquez gives her side of the story to

Naked News

If you happen to be near Austria's Ernst Happel Stadium, the site of the Euro championship final, on May 11, you may want to pop in. Why? A photographer is gonna fill a soccer stadium with naked fans for a photo shoot.

Today in Campus Clicks

Lucy Liu :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

The 10 Best-Looking Michigan Girls ... Bo Pelini vs. Daily Nebraskan ... Roy Williams Finally Leaves the Bathroom ... Dan Marino Comes Home ... New video game ... Video: The Talking Goat.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes video of the unbelievably embarrassing and cheesy way the Ottawa Senators tried to get their fans fired up for Monday night's playoff game.

Rocky Mash-Up Video Of The Day

Via Hugging Harold Reynolds, comes this highly amusing video, titled Baracky, of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton getting the Rocky treatment.

McLovin Video Of The Day

Kristen Bell explains why we should donate to the "The McLovin' Fund."

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