May 05, 2008

75. Tell your barkeep you want Ms. Pac-Man back. He can take his Golden Tee and shove it

76. Sneak in to a sold-out game

77. Pull a Kanye and become a college dropout, if only for a day. These slackers did so permanently.F. Scott Fitzgerald(left Princeton in 1917): The eventual Lost Generation spokesman ditched school only to write a novel that every English major in the world must now read.Tom Hanks(left Cal State-Sacramento in '77): "Ah'm not a smart man, Jenny, but I know what two Best Actor Oscar statuettes mean."Steve Jobs(left Reed College in '73): The Apple cofounder and wizard behind the iPod not only found a pretty spectacular job, he created tens of thousands of them.Ellen Degeneres(left New Orleans in '77): Before she came out, she dropped out -- and now she's the most popular woman on daytime TV, next to Oprah (a legit Tennessee State graduate).Bill Gates(left Harvard in '76): Billy boy? Oh, he just went on to found Microsoft and become one of the world's richest men.

78. Demolish a Duster -- or a Durango or a Datsun -- at Florida State, where pep rallies involve a jalopy, sledgehammers and tons of angst.

79. Enter or attend Ole Miss's annual Parade of Beauties, where the winner is crowned, simply, Most Beautiful.

80. Pass-fail courses are passé compared with passport-required courses. Consider one of these study-abroad options.Swahili Safari, in Tanzania (at Louisiana State)Studies in Antarctic System Science, in Antarctica (at Michigan State)Castles, Cathedrals and Courtship in the Middle Ages, across Europe (at Arizona)An Introduction to Vietnam, in Vietnam (at Oklahoma State)

81. Run through the Power T at a Vols football game. Tennessee fan John Thornton (a rug and doormat supplier by day) coaxed school officials into letting him do as much with a mere $1 million donation ... but that was in 1995.

82. Witness greatness up close -- attend an Arkansas track or cross-country meet. Sixty-eight-year-old Hogs coach John McDonnell has won more national men's titles (42) than any other coach. Time is running out -- McDonnell retires at the end of this season.

83. Spend four crazy days at the ACC basketball tournament, set to be held at Atlanta's Georgia Dome in 2008. The best coaches and players and the most passionate fans, all under one roof. (Thank the basketball gods, it is not a dome.)

84. Play roller hockey with the most successful women's soccer coach in NCAA history. North Carolina fútbol guru Anson Dorrance, who's led the Tar Heels to 18 national titles, plays a spirited game at least twice a week in Chapel Hill.

85. Run the Krispy Kreme Challenge at NC State. Three years ago, in a fit of sugar-coated inspiration, Wolfpack basketball guard Chris McCoy dreamed up a race tailor-made for the Peter Griffin set. The plan: Run from the campus bell tower downhill two miles to the Krispy Kreme store in Raleigh, where each runner would scarf down a dozen glazed doughnuts and then dash back uphill to the tower, in under 60 minutes. (The irony: McCoy overslept on race day and didn't participate.) The other 10 runners successfully completed the inaugural race -- junior Ben Gaddy took home bragging rights -- but not without some gut reactions. "The first two doughnuts are delicious, but then your saliva starts to turn into a syrupy glaze," says organizer Greg Mulholland. "When you're running back, it feels like the syrup's coming through your pores." Mulholland, a junior, aspires to turn the race into a charitable event, "maybe for something ironic like the American Heart Association."

86. Skip class to catch a live space shuttle launch with the aeronautically-minded students (and instructors) at Daytona Beach's Embry-Riddle University.

87. Break the SEC's "no cowbell" rule at Mississippi State. The refs can penalize the team whose fans ring their bells five yards. We'd like to see it. No cowbell? More cowbell!

92. Wear very little clothing to Doak Campbell Stadium. Hey, it worked for Jenn Sterger. Maybe you can be the next overnight sensation.

94. Get your swamp on at Florida's annual Gator Growl, the world's largest homecoming pep rally. Past headliners include laugh riots such as Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld.

95. Be some body at the University of Miami's Hecht Athletic Center, where you're bound to spot somebodies such as Alex Rodriguez and Jeremy Shockey pumping iron.

97. Catch a flick between the hedges of Georgia's Sanford Stadium during "Film on the 50." Once a year UGA officials play pics such as Rudy on the JumboTron.

98. Watch the fanfare pass you by at Clemson's First Friday Parade, where floats ease on down the road on the eve of the football home opener.

99. Run the ODK Cake Race at Auburn, an annual 2.5-mile footrace in which the winner gets his cake -- a real homemade cake, baked by the organizers -- and eats it, too. (Translation: a kiss from either the school's homecoming queen or a male "campus celeb.")

100. Hijack a P.A. system and yell "Boom goes the dynamite!"

101. Go to freakin' class

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