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Another SI Jinx

Ingrid Vandebosch :: Marlena Bielinska/SI

All sports fans know about the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Well, (yes, YourFaceIsASportsBlog) has uncovered another SI jinx -- the dreaded SI Swimsuit Issue Couples Curse. It seems that most of the men who have appeared in past issues with their wives have fallen on hard times at some point. It's a good thing for Jeff Gordon, Johnny Damon, Carmelo Anthony and Jeff Garcia that their wives all appeared solo in this year's Swimsuit issue.

Now THIS Is Marketing

Anna Kournikova wants people to sign up for her Web site, and she's giving you some incentive to do so. She's holding a contest with first prize being a 15-minute phone call with the blonde bombshell.

T.J. Duckett Is Mentioned In A Song? has compiled a thorough list of hip-hop lyrics that are related to sports. Not only is the list amusing, but it's also educational, because we never knew that T.J. Duckett, of all people, is actually mentioned in a song. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

More Things Tom Brady Doesn't Like

Tom Brady :: Kevin Winter /Getty Images

Blue Monkey Disco Party was so inspired by yesterday's item on Tom Brady ripping ESPN and comparing the World Wide Leader to MTV, that they've done some investigative work to find out what else the future Hall of Famer hates.

So Many Stupid Sports Stories

Here's the best list we've seen in ages via The Big Picture: Sports' Biggest Non-Stories. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) Our only criticism is that we'd take out "Jessica and Tony split" and put in "Anything Olympics related." Without Jessica and Tony, we'd have no job. Speaking of the are-they-or-aren't-they-broken-up couple, the latest from the Dallas Morning News says they are indeed over.

Or You Could Flush It Down The Toilet

The Orlando Sentinel's Chris Olds thinks you should take your stimulus check and spend it on these 12 classic baseball cards.

Jeter's REAL Competition

We don't want to rehash last week'sDerek Jeter-John Mayer argument, because people are just now getting around to forgiving us, but Right Proper Bloggery weighed in on this issue and made an excellent point. Justin Timberlake trumps both Jeter and Mayer. (Thanks to Esa, of Eugene, Ore., for sending us the link.)

Must-See TV

We'll watch anythingMorgan Spurlock does, so we were happy to see that his show, 30 Days, will be back in June. And, as You Been Blinded tells us, one episode will feature former NFL defensive back Ray Crockett, who will spend 30 days in a wheelchair.

Captain Kirk's Calls

William Shatner was on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday and reenacted some of baseball's most famous calls.

Today In Campus Clicks

Melissa Joan Hart :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Unusual summer classes ... Meet the eighth-grader recruited by Kentucky ... Where's the Woody Hayes statue ... Top eight college Web comics ... Jeter discusses Wolverines football ... Video: Ron Burgandy Interviews Tom Brokaw.

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Sports Video Of The Day

The Orioles are off to a nice 21-19 start. What does that mean? It's time for a music video! With their players singing, playing instruments and dancing. (Thanks to Kevin, of Baltimore, for sending us the link.)

Bonus Sports Video Of The Day

Astros outfielder Carlos Lee plays conductor as the Dodgers crowd serenades him with chants of "You suck." (Thanks to Ben Lee, of Pikesville, Md., for sending us the link.)

Commuter Video Of The Day

The title of this clip: How To Load People On a Train In Japan. (Thanks to Phil, of Beachwood, Ohio, for sending us the link.)

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