May 23, 2008

Name: Nikki DiazSchool: Western Kentucky UniversityBirth Date: July 25, 1989Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tenn.Year: FreshmanMajor: Broadcasting

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1. I love Western, but I almost went to: Hawaii. I thought it would be so awesome to attend their school because it's so beautiful there, but I'm a mommy's girl and couldn't be too far away. Western has been amazing though, so I'm glad I came here.

2. My favorite class is: Besides my broadcasting classes, I'd pick my English 100 class. I have a great professor who really pushes our thoughts and ideas.

3. Movies I can't live without: Romantic comedies, I love them or anything with Adam Sandler. Reese Witherspoon is another one of my favorites.

4. Music I can't live without: Country! Except when I'm getting into competition mode, then I need something that pumps me up.

5. TV show I can't live without:Grey's Anatomy.

6. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you during a game? So far my college career has not been too bad, but once in high school I was tumbling on the basketball court and tumbled into a girl. I had so much momentum that when I hit her she went flying to the floor.

7. My favorite sport is: Hockey! My brother plays and I love watching him.

8. My favorite professional sports teams are: The Nashville Predators ... of course!

9. My one Guilty Pleasure is: A plain ole' Hershey bar.

10. My best physical feature: My small feet. I love tennis shoes and get them for more than half off because I can wear kids' sizes.

11. Strange and unusual fact about me: I'm from the south, but I hate sweet tea. Any kind of tea. My family and friends think I'm so weird because I won't touch the stuff.

12. My friends would be surprised to know that I: As much as I acted excited about my mom getting pregnant unexpectedly I was more scared because I afraid something would go wrong and I would lose her.

13. Favorite Foods: My grandmother's chicken casserole.

14. Five People I'd Like To Have Dinner With (Living or Dead): Jesus, My friend Ashly because I know she would love to meet him too, My great-great grandmother, Oprah and Adam Sandler -- he is so funny!

15. Three People who annoy me: People who smoke, people who have no common courtesy and party-driven celebrities.

16. Next Risk I Want To Take: Something crazy like sky-diving. Although I would probably end up needing someone to push me. Ha.

17. If your life had a theme song, what would it be?On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful by Kenny Chesney.

18. What reality show would you do best on and why? I don't know. I don't really get into reality TV.

19. If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd buy is: Nothing. I pay off all my college fees for the next three years!

20. Describe the worst date you ever went on: A friend dragged me out with her, her new guy and his best friend. We met them at their house in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. Once we left, we got caught in a rain storm and ended up eating at the food court in a mall because all the restaurants had two-hour waits. By the time we got to the ice-skating the rink, it was closed.

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