The Cold War Cheerleader Showdown: Campus Clicks

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Cheerleader Showdown, International Edition

Can anyone beat these UCLA dancers? :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

Why limit yourself to comparing USC song girls to UCLA dancers when you can compare all the best this fine country has to offer to the side-line beauties from the former USSR? Head over to CO-ED and cast your vote in the Cold War Cheerleader Showdown.

Hawking the Cash

Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz has two things: a 19-18 record over the past three seasons and a higher salary than Ohio State's Jim Tressel, Texas' Mack Brown and Georgia's Mark Richt. Big Lead wants to know what gives.

Hero of the Bookshelves

If you think tales of college cheerleaders throwing themselves at football players, 80-oxycodone days, or cross-country flights on private planes with narcotics and call girls sound engaging, then former Nebraska All-America defensive tackle Jason Peter's new book is probably for you. Hero of the Underground hits bookstores today.

It's a me, Mario

Did Mario Baseball make the cut? :: Mario Baseball, Courtesy of Nintendo

What would youth have been without Nintendo? Empty and cold, that's what. From the NES to the Wii and everything in between, Nintendo has provided us all with endless hours of joy and thumb exercise. In that spirit, Game Daily has put together a list of the 25 greatest Nintendo games of all time. Our one complaint: that Duck Hunt came in at No. 21. That's cheap.

The Best of the Best

Last week,'s very own Stewart Mandel chimed in with his list of the 10 potentially defining games of the 2008 season. He's not the only one looking ahead. Bleacher Report has put together a road-map of the most significant games over 15 weeks. The game that seems to be on everyone's list: the Sept. 13 showdown between Ohio State and USC.

Man vs. Machine

A group of engineering students from the University of Adelaide have built an automated foosball table that's capable of sweeping the floor with its human competition. While it's true that most of the joy associated with foosball comes from seeing that look of despondence on your friend's face when he or she lets your winning goal slide through, we still give these kids props.

When's Lunch?

Arizona's coaching staff didn't need to hire a psychic to figure out Brandon Jennings might not qualify academically. All it had to do was check out his player page and read what he listed as his favorite class.

Taryne Goes to the Beach

Not only is Taryne Mowatt a talented pitcher, she also poses for lots of bikini pictures. No wonder she's putting softball on the map.

Pop Culture Nugget

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are calling it quits.

Today In Hot Clicks

Getty Images

History of the Bombers' famous babes ... McEnroe's awkward hug and tantrums ... Bizarre first pitch ... Get to know Nadal ... Video: Freak MLB play ... Funny commercial.

Odds and Ends

Campus diversity is sometimes a cut-and-paste job ... Woody Hayes would have told you to focus on your studies ... Aggies fans, one of your own will be on American Gladiator ... Florida State offensive lineman Evan Bellamywill miss the entire 2008 season with a blood clot in his leg.

Slo-Mo Glee

Thanks to OTR for pointing to this video, which proves that everything's funnier in slow motion.

Bungee Fear

So this is what impending death sounds like. - Watch more free videos

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