Real Mascot Wars: Ralhie vs. Uga: Campus Clicks

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Mascot Wars

Did Uga or Ralphie take home the top spot? :: AP : Scott Quintard/Icon SMI

It's never the wrong time to chime in with a top 10 mascot-ranking, as Bleacher Report well knows. We do, however, have to wonder if Uga VI's recent death artificially raised him into the top spot. Colorado's Ralphie the Buffalo comes in at No. 2, though, so maybe ranker Andrew Kneeland just prefers the real, live animals to the stuffed, smelly suits.

Hokie Hoedown

The ladies who signed up for The Frank Beamer Women's Football Clinic this past weekend got a little more than they bargained for, but we doubt they're complaining. Busted Coverage has two reports of VaTech football players stripping down to their girdles to display the different levels of gear. At $75 a pop, this was either one good training program, or one expensive strip-tease.

The Elite Eight

The biggest X-factor in college football is speed (just ask Ohio State) and in honor of the fleetest of the fleet, The Love of Sports listed the eight fastest players in college football. West Virginia's Pat White shakes up the RB/WR/KR logjam as the only QB to make the cut.

An Unofficial Cheerleader Showdown

Who to love more, the USC song girls or the Oregon cheerleaders? :: Bruce Yeung : Peter Schlitt

Do USC fans like Oregon's cheerleaders more than their very own Song Girls? Don't get us wrong, we at SIOC adore the girls from Eugene, but why covet your neighbor's cheer squad when you have such a fine bunch to call your own? A classic "the grass is always greener" case, it seems.

The Insomnia Example

What do Facebook and Insomnia Cookies have in common (besides being an integral part of the college experience)? They're prime examples of how college kids can take a good idea and a laptop and turn it into a massive business endeavor. So go forth and upload. Or bake.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

This isn't exactly college-related, but this so clearly qualifies as a dumb arrest we had to feature it anyway. Two men were arrested and charged with second-degree burglary after police found them sleeping on the pile of pillows and in the hammock (respectively) they allegedly stole. Shocker: alcohol was involved. Here's a better photo of one of the arrestees, snoozing away blissfully on his pile of contraband, not knowing he'd be wearing bracelets in about five seconds.

Obama Drama

Kansas has a problem with the "Barack Chalk Jayhawk" T-shirts some people -- including the Governor -- are wearing, because it thinks they make the school look too politically partisan.

A Foxy Browser

We all have a friend who insists Firefox is a vastly superior browser that leaves IE in the dust. This post from CO-ED on the top Firefox add-ons for college students certainly supports the argument.

Pop Culture Nugget

Say it ain't so: A source has told TMZ that Christian Bale has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his mom and sister.

Today In Hot Clicks

Lisa Dergan ::

Test your knowledge on the top American WAGs ... Name all the Smiths in sports ... Fun with photos ... Return of the high fade ... Rawson interview ... Video: Rude driver ... Smart little girl ... Catfight.

Odds and Ends

Kevin Durant and Vince Youngwill join the ranks of retired Longhorn jerseys this year. That didn't take long ... Texas A&M profs say Batman's gadgets could never exist because of that god-forsaken force we all call gravity ... Tailgating Tide fans: prepare to shell out some extra dough this year ... A judge has ordered the kid who disrupted a high-school graduation this spring by running across the stage wearing a full-length penis costume to issue three apologies.

College Colors Day

It's a ways away (Aug. 29), but we want to give you plenty of time to select just the right T-shirt and hat combo.

Unicycle Football

Who knew? Best quote of the video, from Unicycle Football League founder Marcus Garland: "I always try ideas and usually they'll fail, but ..."

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