At Long Last, UCLA Undie Run Pics: Campus Clicks

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Undie Run Fun

Nothing says "summer" like the UCLA Undie Run. :: Tom Andrews/LAist

We brought you news last month of the tri-annual UCLA Undie Run, but were not able to provide pictures at the time. Now, LAist is here with the necessary visuals. Since photographer Tom Andrews' camera barely survived the night, we suggest you take a trip back in time and enjoy.

Fast Construction Workers Needed

One more reason to believe Greg Schiano might be leading the Nittany Lions in the not-so-distant future: it was recently revealed that the Rutgers' coach's contract includes a clause allowing him to break his 10-year contract without penalty if the school is unable to complete its stadium expansion by 2009. If construction workers keep accidentally excavating 18th century taverns, a 2009 completion date is probably optimistic.

Small Revenge

Proof that rookie hazing starts early and the wounds are still fresh from Michigan's shocking loss to Appalachian State last fall: The Redskins opened training camp this week, and veteran and Michigan alum Jon Jansen is making rookie and App State alum Kerry Brown carry his helmet.

No Thanks, Playboy

Tim Tebow is clearly a worthy 'Playboy' candidate. :: Tom Hauck/Icon SMI

Sorry, ladies (and gentlemen, because let's face it, everyone thinks Tim Tebow is a looker), but you won't find the Heisman Trophy winner flashing his grin (or anything else) in the upcoming Playboy All-American issue, because doing so would conflict with his Christian values. Tebow may have a formidable moral compass, but Next Round thinks these eight other college quarterbacks probably would have jumped at the chance.

Your First Song Girl Is...

Attention men, boys and cheerleaders the world over, Busted Coverage is kicking off its USC Song Girl of the Year competition. First up, say hello to Lindsey.

Let's Go Vixens!

Bleacher Report is following up on yesterday's top 10 mascots ranking with a list of some of the most puzzling mascots out there. Some of the more worthy inclusions: the Webster University Gorlocks, the Sweet Briar College Vixens and the Brooklyn College Bridges (and yes, of course the UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs made the cut).

Take That, Nick

This might seem like a normal article about LSU football, but read carefully. Otherwise you'll miss the unprovoked jabsLes Miles is throwing Nick Saban's way.

Always Read the Directions

Attention young and impressionable soon-to-be-college students: When you go to school, older students will tells you lies. It's just how things work. That's why Campus Compare is here with 10 of the most frequent school-related myths (most of which have to do with artificially increasing your test scores) you need to know, and ignore.

Pop Culture Nugget

More proof that (sadly) Christian Bale isn't the kind, caring, crime-fighting god we thought he was.

Today In Hot Clicks

Ashley Harkleroad :: Courtesy of Playboy

Other tennis stars who should do 'Playboy' ... Readers send in several wimpy team names ... Odd NFL products ... Jeter vs. Mayer vs. Ronaldo ... Video: Rollins,Howard sing ... Milk commercial.

Odds and Ends

Will College Game Daybe coming to your school this season? ... The University of Maryland accidentally released thousands of students' social security numbers ... Congress may make it harder for credit card companies to target college students ... Carson Palmerhates the Buckeyes.

Wii Fit Parody

According to this video, highlights of the new game include "sticking out your leg" and "moving side to side." They make it sound oh so thrilling.

Wii Fit Parody - Watch more free videos

Check, Please

Nothing ruins a good cup of coffee like a car rolling through the wall and into your booth.

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