Allison Stokke vs. Amanda Cicchini: Campus Clicks

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Cal's Allison Stokke is a stellar athlete and a looker :: Kirby Lee/US PRESSWIRE

We at SIOC have plenty of love to go around, but the folks at CO-ED want you to pick the recipient of your affection and direct your admiration accordingly. So head on over and chime in on who's hotter, Cal pole vaulter Allison Stokke or West Virginia soccer star Amanda Cicchini.

Is There a Roster Editing Patch?

A friend told us last week that there are people out there who edit the NCAA Football video game rosters to add player names and then upload them for other (lazy/normal) users to download. We barely believed it, but this morning, The MCD from Rumors and Rants is sharing his tragic tale of chronic roster-editing. We applaud him, because the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting the problem exists.

Huskies Respond

Finally, the 2000 Washington Huskies football team responds to The Seattle Times' January 2008 investigative series "Victory and Ruins."

What is UNC, Alex

Was Stewart Scott an Orange, or a Heel? :: Cliff Welch/Icon SMI : Jerome Davis/Icon SMI

Quick, did Stewart Scott go to UNC, Missouri or Syracuse? We're not going to tell you because that would pad your score on this "What College Did I Go To? (ESPN Edition)" quiz.

Is Tebow THIS Good?

Yesterday, we told you Tim Tebow refused to appear in Playboy's All-American issue because of his Christian values. We made some comment about his formidable moral compass, but many have taken it further, calling Tebow a model of perfection and the Second Coming of Christ. Which begs the question: How does the potential Chosen One stack up against the original? The College Football Guys are breaking it down. Clearly, wearing sandals (or Crocs) and healing the sick and the poor can't hurt.

Your Airport Sucks, Now Feed Me

Maybe Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is already tired of talking about his two Heisman candidates, QB Graham Harrell and WR Michael Crabtree, because Leach chose to spend part of Big 12 media day talking about what a "confusing mess" Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport can be. If a regular person said something like that to the media, airport officials would ignore him ... or quietly tell him to take the bus instead. Leach, on the other hand, has been invited for a "guided airport tour and great Texas steak."

Party Hardy

The Princeton Review and Playboy each ranked the top 10 party schools, and OTR's taking a look at how the two lists compare. Congrats to UCSB, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio, who made both lists.

Fear the Facebook

If you're thinking of running for president one day, you might want to shut down your Facebook account -- or at least un-tag those keg-stand pictures.

Pop Culture Nugget

The Parents Television Council hates Gossip Girl.

Today In Hot Clicks

Isabeli Fontana :: Stewart Shining/SI

Sports Illustrated vs. Victoria's Secret ... Minor League team gets politically incorrect ... Couple weds at ballpark ... Underrated chokers ... Video: Hardest rugby hits ... Must-see prank.

Odds and Ends

Kiss your dining hall food trays goodbye ... Should Kirk Ferentzbe catching more flack for his players' degenerate behavior? (Warning: strong language) ... This Eastern Kentucky wideout is heading to jail ... The ladies of The Viewas college co-eds.

Back-Flip Catch

This is seriously impressive timing, but we'd like to see the second attempt from the high-board.

Sick Backflip Catch - Watch more free videos

Enter, Stage Left

This is why it pays to be subtle and understated, kids.

Really Bad Stage Entrance - Watch more free videos

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