College Killed 'Saved by the Bell': Campus Clicks

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College is a Killer

We miss Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Mark Paul Gosselaar. :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images : Michael Buckner/Getty Images

For some people, the pressures of college are just too much. Same goes for TV shows. Everything was just swell for Zach Morris and the rest of the Saved by the Bell gang in high school, but once they moved on to California U., the show crumbled into nothingness and we had to wait years for Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Mark Paul Gosselaar to re-enter our lives. Check out the other nine shows on OTR's list of the top 10 TV shows killed by college.

Party Pics

We're visual creatures, which is why instead of merely commenting on The Princeton Review's top party schools list, CO-ED wanted to present the top 20 in pictures. Check them out, then vote for the best. We think Arizona State will win, but that's just a sneaking suspicion.

Pay Attention

You've undoubtedly been going through college football withdrawal, but doesn't want you to overdo it once the season starts. That's why the site put together a list of one team and one player to watch in each conference. The player to watch is from a school other than the team to watch in all conferences but the Big East, where the spotlight's on West Virginia and QB Pat White.

The Feminine Side

Imagine Rey Maualuga in a pink thong. :: Peter Read Miller/SI

If you wear a pink thong over your practice shorts, you're probably going to get a new nickname. So from here on out, Banned in Hollywood will refer to USC quarterback-hunting-machine Rey Maualuga as a thong-side linebacker.

Dumb Arrest(s) of the Day

It's not a good time to be a West Virginia player. Two WVU basketball players were arrested at Monday's Pittsburgh Pirates game for underage drinking and scuffling with police. (Aren't there Backyard Brawl-inspired rules against WVU students loitering in the Pittsburgh area?) Meanwhile, a football recruit was charged with shooting a man during an attempted robbery.

More Mountaineer Drama

Pat White didn't get arrested, but he still put West Virginia in the news. The Heisman Trophy candidate caused a stir at Big East media day when he accused the Mountaineers' baseball team of not pursuing black athletes.

A Barrel of Fun

Student athletes aren't the only ones wearing bracelets these days. A couple was arrested Tuesday for stealing UNC and Duke merchandise from a Cracker Barrel in Gastonia. We're guessing these two are 'Heels fans, though, because while they snatched a UNC water pitcher, cookie jar, T-shirt, clock, platter and soft basketball, they only took a set of Duke coasters. This is why Cracker Barrel should stick to selling smoked hams and musical compilations and leave the college gear to the universities.

On the Road

While you were playing video games and jumping waves at the beach, this Texas student was making his way from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Pop Culture Nugget

Barack Obama's camp has issued a statement condemning Ludacris for the anti-Hillary and anti-McCain lyrics in his new rap.

Today In Hot Clicks

Natalie Gulbis :: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The 50 hottest female golfers of all time ... Belichick sex tape? Ex-Patriot spills the beans ... Giambi flips the bird while running to first ... Barry Switzer to star on the small screen.

Odds and Ends

Steve Spurrier's taking shots at Clemson fan sites ... This Oklahoma freshman receiver should probably stop rapping about killing people ... FAU's 74-year-old coach just got a new contract ... Textbook pirates, The New York Times is onto you.

The Biggest Soccer Ball You'll Ever See

Why anyone would need a soccer ball this large, we'll never know.

Huge Soccer Ball Sends Kid Flying - Watch more free videos

Meet Bobby

This was recently brought to our attention. It's a little old, but totally bizarre and hilarious.

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