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Is Leryn Franco the hottest Olympian: Hot Clicks

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First The Feres Twins, Now Leryn Franco

The following e-mail landed in our inbox over the weekend: "Jimmy, I'm channel flipping between the Vikings preseason game and the Olympic Opening Ceremony and my friend Brian and I got a glimpse of a hot Olympian from Paraguay. With a little help from Google, I found out her name is Leryn Franco and she throws javelin. But, with a little bit more research I found something even better. On, I found she combines her athletic endeavors with a career as a model and beauty pageant contestant. Franco was the runner-up in the Miss Paraguay competition in 2006 and also in the Miss Bikini Universe pageant the same year. Help me find some photos of her in a bikini, please! Sincerely, Brian & Brian from Rochester, Minn." So we did a quick search, but couldn't unearth anything. However, Brian was not to be denied. He ended up writing back to us to tell us he found a site that features the stunning Franco. Her pics aren't as risque as Bia and Branca Feres, but we'll predict they'll turn each and every one of you into a fan of the Paraguay javelin team. As for Brian and Brian -- major props to them. They're Hot Clicks Hall of Famers.

Hard Knocks Needs To Address This

Is there a Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson-Carrie Underwood love triangle going on?

Tainted Titles throws some cold water on a select group of champions by listing the Top 10 Sporting Accomplishments That Deserve An Asterisk.

Singing Stu

Via Awful Announcing comes this link that contains photos and video of Stuart Scott doing karaoke to Edwin McCain's awful I'll Be at a charity event last weekend.

Madden 09 Links

Adrian Peterson :: Courtesy of EA Sports

Everyone's favorite video game is in stores today, and the coverage is out of control. has a review, a look at the game's history and a covers curse gallery. ... Blue Monkey Disco Party has posted the Madden Code of Conduct for all players. ... dissects "The Madden Curse." ... Mental Floss tests your knowledge of the 20-year-old video game with this quiz. ... Former coverboy, Ray Lewis, talks all thingsMadden. ... And finally, Paolo Bomben, Windsor, Ontario, sent us the following e-mail: "No link, just a question. Maybe other readers have considered this question as well. Is the Madden curse behind Brett Favre being denied a return to Green Bay and then being subsequently traded to the Jets? It's not an injury or an arrest, but definitely not what Favre had originally envisioned. Have any blogs picked this idea up?" We don't know if any blogs have picked up on it, but it's a great point.

Watch This Play

We saw this live last night and it was clearly one of the best plays you'll ever see in an exhibition game. Packers wideout James Jones catches a pass, gets hammered by two defenders, loses his helmet, but manages to stay up and spring to the end zone.

Hats Off

Last week, we asked you to help a fellow Hot Clicks reader who was searching for a specific Mariners hat. As usual, you guys came through and tons of you wrote in and we sent the messages to Bud. took things a step further and actually blogged about the whole affair.

Olympics Links is comparing Olympic basketball teams to characters from Mike Tyson's Punchout. ... Carmelo Anthonysacrificed his groin for his country. ... Michael Phelpseats A LOT for breakfast.

If You Need An Idea For Lunch Today...

The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes are ranking the best fast food chicken sandwiches since 1996.

Campus Clicks

Rich Rodriguez, Jim Tressel :: AP, Icon SMI

Which Rivalry is really the best? ... Amusing, puzzling names of the Big Ten ... Best "big nasties" ... Why you should tailgate with Alabama ... Video: Mr. Rogers Busts a Move

New Items On Facebook

A ton of beach volleyball pictures can be found on our Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

The top 30 wrestling finishers. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Funny Singers Video Of The Day

These guys have been on YouTube for a year, but we've just discovered them and now we can't get enough. Below is their version of Volare. You also need to check them out doing Flo Rida's Low, Alicia Keys' No One and Bohemian Rhapsody (Thanks to Cabz, of Bay, Laguna, Philippines, for the tip.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Yesterday, we posted an item on the 20 greatest TD celebrations. That inspired Apoorva, of Clemson, S.C., to send us this clip of Robbie Fowler's controversial actions after scoring a goal.

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