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Tim Tebow's Bicep Secrets: Campus Clicks

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The Tebow Tutorial

Tim Tebow knows a thing or two about working out. :: Tom Hauck/Icon SMI

At long last, Tim Tebow's decided to let everyone in on his workout secrets so men the world over can have lovely, rippling biceps just like his -- provided, of course, they can afford a crew of personal stretchers and plane tickets to the far reaches of the earth, where they can lift village children to strengthen their arms.

Cal Tech 31, MIT 9

Fall semester is only a few weeks away, and we've got just the inspiration you need before heading back to campus: a photo gallery of the greatest pranks in college history.

Attention Adventurers

For those who don't think venturing out to the best campus bar counts as sufficient exhilaration, OTR's put together a list of the eight best college towns for adventure-seekers.

The Right Place

UNC and Stanford are top-Olympian producing schools. :: David Gonzales/Icon SMI : Peyton Williams/ICON SMI

If you've always dreamed of wearing the red, white and blue and representing your country in the Olympics, you probably should have gone to one of these nine schools, which CO-ED has dubbed the cream of the crop for producing Olympians. (If you do go to one of these nine school but aren't in the Olympics, you're probably just not a good enough athlete. But alas, few of us are.)

Fantasy Shake-Up

For the first time, CBS Sports fantasy football participants will be able to draft and track college players by name, instead of by the customary school and position tags (ex: "Florida QB"). But while you might see happier faces at your fantasy draft party this year, the NCAA isn't smiling.

Bye, Bye, Bobby

The Wizard of Odds has the scoop from South Florida, where columnist Michael Cunningham's campaigning (via the printed word) for Bobby Bowden's retirement.

A Different Kind of Football Challenge

College football fans are always arguing over conference superiority. Now,'s very own college football guru Stewart Mandel has come up with a different way to prove which fans are the most passionate: charitable donations. The Big Ten is currently lapping the competition, so click here and start donating.

Court, Facebook and Rowboats, Oh My!

These must be confusing emotional times for Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. On the one hand, they finished second in the Olympic rowing semifinals and will compete in the finals on Saturday. On the other, the co-founders of social networking site ConnectU lost their legal battle with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg when the courts said Zuckerberg didn't steal their idea when he created his site.

Pop Culture Nugget

Lil' Wayne actually thinks sore teeth excuse a missed court date.

Today In Hot Clicks

Minka Kelly :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Making amends with Minka Kelly fans ... Best jobs in sports ... Athletes + Karaoke ... Sports trivia from '80s sitcoms ... Video: The Ballad of Michael Phelps ... Beer Bong.

Odds and Ends

The two Nebraska wrestlers who posed nude for a gay porn site have been kicked off the team ... Universities have finally realized they don't have to play nicely with the RIAA ... Ohio State fans are really excited about Terrelle Pryor ... Some more details on USC vs. USC.

Toddler Tossing

It's nice to see some parents still make time to play with their kids.

Rejected Olympic Sport: Toddler Tossing - Watch more free videos

Paint by Water

Whenever we start to think innovation has reached its end, something like this water fountain comes into our life and revitalizes our faith.

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