August 18, 2008

Hot Clicks readers weigh in on some of the most attractive athletes competing in the 2008 Olympics.

Hanna-Maria Seppalais hot, and a fast swimmer to be noticed. Plus. Swedish handball team is a joy to watch! -- Hemmo Haemaelainen, Helsinki

While your on the subject of hot olympians/hot women with talent here's another blonde beauty, Finnish swimmer Hanna-Maria Seppala. She has her own site but the pics are far less attractive. Maybe you can dig up more. Love Hot Clicks by the way. -- Gary, Austin, Texas

Check outJaqueline Carvalho of the Brazilian women volleyball team. -- Francois Gagnon, Montreal

I'd like to submit a dark horse candidate for sexiest olympian. Italian indoor volleyball player: Francesca Piccinini-- Greg Sakowicz, Indianapolis

Another hot Olympic athlete is Shani Marks. -- Sam, Minneapolis

There is not a hotter team at the Olympics than Poland's women's volleyball team; holy mackerel, they are all hot! -- Rex, Panama City, Fla.

Just a start. The Poland Women's Volleyball Team is by far the hottest team at the Olympics. Yikes. -- Todd Davidson, Falls Church, Va.

Dude, I keep seeing hot Asian girls in bikinis in the background of the beach volleyball matches. They seem to come out and prance around between matches and during side changes or whatever. We need to see them in the foreground. What's the deal? We are counting on you! -- Gordon Churchill, North Carolina

(From Jimmy Traina: This is the best I can do)

SI can not put the russian women's pole vaulter on the Olympics page and not tell her name. Some of us have to do some amount of work and can't flip around SI all day looking for a name. -- Jeff Showalter, Indy

(From Jimmy Traina: Sorry, Jeff. I don't know who you're talking about. Can anyone Jeff and I?)

Update, 2:07: Kevin, of Fort Collins, Col., e-mailed to say it was Yelena Isinbayeva. A pic can be found here. Lew Sellers, of Milwaukee, also e-mailed us Isinbayeva's personal site, but it looks to be down right now.

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