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All-American Mascots

Joe Bruin and Smokey. :: Justin Kase Conder/Tony Donaldson/Icon SMI

Capitol One recently announced its seventh-annual All-American Mascot Team, and we're not what's more shocking: that Otto the Orange didn't make the cut, or that the best post we could find about this was on an auto repair blog. Joe Bruin and Smokey both made the cut, but while they're teammates on this list, they'll be staring each other down from across the sidelines when UCLA takes on Tennessee tonight.

You Missed Your Turn

UNC's supposed to have a decent football team this year and so decided to kickoff the season with the kind of pomp-and-circumstance only bowl-bound teams deserve. The Tar Heels hired two skydivers to descend into the stadium and deliver the game ball, but there was a small problem. The skydivers dropped into Duke's stadium instead. Deadspin has more details and a brief, but awkward video.

Where's Your Loyalty, Fitz?

Michael Fitzpatrick, the sports editor of Georgia's student paper, voted Ohio State No. 1 (and his own Dawgs No. 2) in UWire's preseason football poll. Now, bloggers are dragging him through the proverbial mud for his shameful display of journalistic independence and integrity.

The Doctor is in

Listening to Lou Hotlz never gets old. :: AP

For those of you who missed it, ESPN has found another way to utilize Lou Holtz's oratory gifts. For those of you who watched football all weekend and saw this segment played 74 times, you know exactly what we mean. For those of you who missed it, Signal to Noise has the clip. For those of you who've seen it 74 times, Signal to Noise has a lovely parody of the opening-credits song.

Good For You, USC Fans

Some interesting findings from the ultimate source for all things scientifically-sound and football-related, Fans of winning football teams have better sex, while fans of losing team have less satisfactory sex. Distressing.

Beanie Watch

Calm down, Buckeye-faithful. Beanie Wells didn't rupture an Achilles, tear a tendon or snap a bone. He just stubbed his toe.

HTS 101: The Pig in America

College is the time to broaden your mind and expand your horizons, and what better way to do that then by taking a class called "The Joy of Garbage"? OTR has the scoop on that Santa Clara offering, plus seven other awesome, fascinating and odd college classes.

Pimp My Pad

Unibrow and College: The Movie want to add some accoutrements to your dorm room (think flat screen TVs and bulk boxes of condoms). All you have to do is submit a party picture. Seems like a pretty good deal on your part.

Pop Culture Nugget

This blogger wasted no time putting together a (cruel, unflattering) preview of the as-yet-unnamed Facebook movie.

Today In Hot Clicks

Jessica Stroup, Shenae Grimes :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Cubs game takes priority over the new 90210 ... Who says Richie Sexson didn't help the Yanks? ... Best videos of NBA big men getting posterized ... The worst pitching performance of MLB season.

Odds and Ends

UVA's bludgeoning doesn't look as bad in pictures ... Is it just us, or does Will Muschamp's blood look burnt-orange? ... This volleyball tournament wasn't on a college campus, but our sources say there were plenty of USC/UCLA/LMU/Pepperdine alumni involved, so that's good enough for us ... These caffeine-infused snacks will get you through your morning lectures.

Which is the Dream Job?

Before Sarah Palin was John McCain's running mate, she was a sportscaster in Alaska.

I'll be Giving You Your Weather Today

Provided I can stay on my feet long enough.

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