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What's The Nebraska/Missouri Bell?

Chase Daniel led his team to victory this weekend, but he still took some (physical and emotional) hits. :: AP

The Missouri-Nebraska game was full of newsworthy moments. The Tigers beat the Huskers in Lincoln for the first time in 30 years, a Nebraska player spit on Chase Daniel during pregame warmups and announcers Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman and Rob Stone spent an unseemly amount of time discussing Daniel's short stature and semi-prominent gut. But some of the juiciest news happened the day before the game, when a Nebraska blogger proclaimed that while Tiger fans might consider this a noteworthy rivalry, Husker fans don't.

The Wrath of the Irish

Nebraska and Missouri may not have a rivalry, but apparently Notre Dame and Stanford do. And if they didn't before this weekend, Cardinal offensive tackle Chris Marinelli's anti-Notre Dame comments probably sparked one.

What we Learned

UWire's got the scoop on the college football weekend that was, so head on over to find out which team dished out the most lethal punch to the mouth, which team looked like a shell of its former self (it's not Michigan ... seriously) and what game was hazardous to your viewing-health.

Doing That Thing They Do

The UVA marching band sure enjoyed Maryland's latest meltdown. :: Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI

A week ago, Maryland was sitting pretty, primed to hop into the top 25 with a walloping of newly crowned ACC doormat UVA. But when Saturday rolled around, the Cavs were the ones doing the walloping and Maryland reasserted its status as the most schizophrenic team in the nation.

Love Thy Neighbor

We're not sure if this is a sign of the apocalypse, or a sign that humanity is not dead, but either way, a Michigan fan and blogger has come to Michigan State's defense after former MSU stud Tony Mandarich's steroid-use admission.

At Least The Signs Look Good on TV

The guys at Friends of the Program set out for Vandy with a noble intention: to take lots of pictures during the pre- and postgame festivities (as well as at the game itself) and post a fun and informative photo essay. But passing out at a bar, losing a Blackberry and having to watch GameDay from a hotel room put a damper on those plans.

More Than Just Young Guns

On Friday, we brought you The Love of Sports' list of the NCAA's best young guns. But freshman quarterbacks aren't the only ones making an impact this season, which is why The Angry T put together a thorough list of 2008's most fabulous freshman. When we said thorough, we meant it. Sure, WR A.J. Green, QB Robert Griffin and RB Jacquizz Rodgers all earned a mention, but so did lesser-known freshman phenom Ross Evans. (He's a kicker.)

The Bad and the Ugly

A lot of great trends and gadgets emerged in the last nine months, but manbags, mopeds and moobs weren't among them. To set you straight, That's So Fetch has put together a list of the top 10 chick-repellent items from 2008.

Pop Culture Nugget

Angelina Jolie has a new tattoo, and the only thing we can say is "wow."

Today In Hot Clicks

Jennifer Morrison :: Courtesy of Maxim.com

One way to cheer up depressed Cubs fans ... Kimbo goes down and other MMA notes ... What South Park and the NFL have in common ... Golf meets lingerie ... The NHL's top 50 players.

Odds and Ends

This weekend's best (and worst) GameDay signs ... Only one thing can ease our pain in these troubling political times: funny photo captions ... Does Todd Boeckmanhate Terrelle Pryor? ... You'll never guess which Wisconsin organization got suspended for hazing.

Michigan Mud Bowl

Sure, Illinois marched into the Big House and scored more points than any visiting team in 17 years, but at least there was some football joy in Ann Arbor this weekend. That's right, we're talking about the 76th annual Mud Bowl.

A Tebow Serenade

Nothing spices up a Brad Paisley concert like a surprise duet with Tim Tebow.

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