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Carrie On

Carrie Milbank :: Courtesy of

Before we get to today's Clicks, I'd just like to thank the 50-plus readers who sent me the latest Leryn Franco pics. I can't really link to them here since they're a bit, um, risque, but for those of you who haven't seen them, just Google "Leryn Franco Catwalk." OK, now back to our program... Here comes a new entry into the "hottest female sportscaster" debate. We first discovered Carrie Milbank a few weeks ago when we used this shot of her with Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist in Extra Mustard's weekly "Did You See That?" gallery. Then, John, of Buffalo, N.Y., sent us this enjoyable article on Milbank, who used to be a Houston Texans cheerleader and currently hosts a show on

The Best 6:55 You'll Spend All Day

Big League Stew alerted us to this truly must-see video of Jerry Reuss, Jay Johnstone, Rick Monday and Steve Yeager singing We Are The Champions on Solid Gold after the '81 Dodgers won the World Series. Things get pretty tremendous at the 2:20 mark.

The Highlight Of Billy Ripken's Career

We mentioned that Jay Johnstone was in the surreal clip linked above. Well, Johnstone, also cracks this list of the 15 Funniest Baseball Cards Ever.

Wrestling Links

Sgt. Slaughter

Since Barack Obama sounds so much like The Rock, the Angry T is wondering how the democratic nominee's cabinet would look if he filled it with wrestlers, such as Sgt. Slaughter, who could fill the role as Secretary of Defense. Also, Monday was the nine-year anniversary of Gorilla Monsoon's death. Joe Sports Fan provides a solid remembrance. Lastly, Axel Janson, of Cordova, Alaska, asked that we post this Curt Henningtribute video.

Book It!

Marty Booker must read Hot Clicks. He probably saw us feature the "greatest catches ever" for several days recently and wanted in on the action, so he went out and did this. (Thanks to Matt, of Missoula, Mont., and Wayne, of Columbia, S.C., for the link.)

Can't Go Wrong With Gus

There's a relatively new blog in town, and we need to recognize it just for it's name: Gus Johnson's Whisper. They've also come though with an amusing post on NFL QBs as Saved By the Bell episodes.

E-Mail Of The Day

Matthew O'Barr, of Kansas City, writes "Will Hot Clicks please have a special link or two for the sufferingMissouri fans? Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Royals, no basketball team, no hockey team." Things do seem pretty bleak for the folks in Missouri (although Chase Daniel and the Tigers look damn good this season), so here's what we have to cheer you up. First, Lance, of Kansas City, sent us this amusing link to Not only do Chiefs fans want GM Carl Peterson fired, they've also provided us with a little game where we can actually kick Peterson in the butt. If that doesn't put a smile on your face, check out these ridiculously hot pictures of Halle Berry, who was just named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire.

Beer + Bikinis On Facebook

Check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group for the 10 hottest bikini beer commercials of all time.

Campus Clicks

Goggle's Mail Goggles will help you in the blurry times. :: AP

Google gets in on breathalyzer action, ... Idaho cheerleaders get new uniforms ... Tailgating questionnaire ... Seven reasons you should tailgate at LSU. ... Video: Pete Carroll on economics and politics.

Sports Video Of The Day

Frankie Hejduk is a member of the Columbus Crew. He was recently suspended for a game because of a red card, but he made the most of his day by chugging a beer with tailgaters and breaking into song. (Thanks to Bryan, of Columbus, Ohio, for sending the link.)

Bad Singing Video Of The Day

Alex, of Seattle, sent in the following clip with this note: "May God have mercy on your ears." That's all we needed to read to make us link to this interesting version of The Final Countdown.

Wedding Mishap Video Of The Day

Sal, of New York, sent this amazing clip and we pray that it's real.

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