By Dr Z
October 08, 2008

A word of warning. Those of you who like rational thought and expect some semblance of same from your faithful narrator might not like what's coming in this weekly vale of tears. I have decided to take a clear-eyed look at the cluster of "should be" teams that decorate the rankings. You know, they should be better, so I think I'll just keep them up there where they don't belong, based on the won-lost.

Therefore, nota bene Chargers and you, too, Packers. You've been up in never-never land too long. This week you'll be living with the other 2-3's.

"How about your beloved Super Bowl Eagles?" says my hard-eyed mistress of misery with the red hair. "Aren't they 2-3 as well?" Easy there, sport. Even cruelty has its limits. (Send comments to

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