Hot Clicks Mailbag

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Last week in Hot Clicks, we featured a Jaguars cheerleader -- Kelli -- who was a big hit with the readers. Of course, once the discussion about attractive cheerleaders started, our inbox filled up with other submissions. Here are some of them:

Kelli is amazing, but I would have to submit, for your careful consideration, the lovely Katheryn of my Philadelphia Eagles. Kelli is No. 1A, no doubt, but Katheryn is No. 1. Let me know what you think. Check out the video. -- Paul Bischoff, Grover Beach, Calif.

Part-time reader, long-time viewer here. Seeing additional pics of Jags cheerleader Kelli was nice. Maybe Hot Clicks could conduct a poll to determine who the hottest cheerleader in the NFL is. My vote would be for Maria from the Eagles (they may have the best looking squad in the league). -- Matt, Bloomington, Ind.

NFL's hottest cheerleader? You need to check out Tessa, from the Seahawks, or Jennifer from the Eagles. Redheads are better!! By far!! --Michal, St. Louis, Mo.

Since you are doing lovely cheerleaders on Hot Clicks, can you look into doing something on a cheerleader named Kassi from the Blazers dance team? I am in LOVE with her, but can't get enough of her. And before I sign off, I love you guys for doing Hot Clicks. :) --Mike A., Cumming, Ga.

Hey, Jimmy, this is the hottest cheerleader there is. I grew up with her. Give her the respect she deserves. -- Patrick Mayhew, Ridgefield, Conn.

The other topic that generated an unbelievable amount of e-mails was the Neti Pot video we featured on Nov. 14. Here's a small sampling of some of the more amusing letters:

This is concerning that video of the Neti Pot. Believe it or not, I've been doing the "homemade" version of the Neti Pot for YEARS. I mix salt in lukewarm water in a cup and snort it through both of my nostrils and let it pass through my sinus and drip out of my mouth and "forcefully" blow out the remnants from my nose. I would do that until my entire cup is gone. My mom taught me this back in the '80s and actually this is an old Korean cold/flu remedy that we've been using for decades. When I told my sister-in-law about this, she actually bought me a neti pot for Christmas last year. I'm glad to see that western civilization has finally caught up to the unconventional methods of the east. Weird? Certainly. Effective? Absolutely. I haven't had a cold/flu in YEARS. I HIGHLY recommend you try it this winter if you don't want to get a cold! -- James K., Germantown, Md.

As a daily reader of Hot Clicks, I must let you know that I not only have a Neti Pot, but I really enjoy using it. It is absolutely amazing how much snot you can get out of your head when you have a cold. I like to have contests with my nostrils to see which one lets loose of more snot. I also give points for different colors and consistencies. The only actual problem that I saw with the commercial is that you are supposed to use warm distilled water rather than tap water. -- Peter Weaver, Ft. Worth, Texas

I had a cold a few months ago, my hippie friends told me to try that Neti Pot from the video you had. I just wanted to see what it was like so I dropped the $15 and bought one. It feels like you are upside down in a pool, but you can breathe. That's not the cool part. The best part is all the yellow and green crap that comes out of your nose when you are neti-ing. After you see the gloriousness of how disgusting your sinus can be, you sort of wish to have more colds. -- Jack, Denver

Holy cow! That Neti Pot thing would really get me in trouble with the wife. I get yelled at enough for accidentally missing the toilet every once in a while. Can you imagine the hell I will catch for missing the toilet then blowing salined snot all over the bathroom floor? ... I am on my way to get one now! -- Joe Contreras, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.

OK, so I e-mailed a while back about the creepy Snuggie info-tainment-mercial that you posted in Hot Clicks. I have since seen the commercial on TV, and I have received multiple spams from the company selling it -- now who says Hot Clicks doesn't have influence? The reason I bring this up is because of the Neti Pot post on Friday. This commercial is even more cultish that the Snuggie commercial. The only thing worse would be if they filled the thing with Kool-Aid and told you to "join us." They've already gotten to my wife. She swears by the thing. I haven't given in. Stay strong. -- Jamie Voss, Minneapolis

Speaking of the Snuggie...

I think you guys opened up Pandora's Box with this Snuggie thing. I just got an spam e-mail, advertising it for buy one get one free. It won't be long before they are putting sports team's logo's on them. Personally, I'll wait until the Erin Andrews edition comes out. -- Kent, Boise, Idaho

We also received a couple of e-mails about poker players that we featured on Nov. 10.

Wanna see a real poker hottie? Lacey Jones. K. Thanks. Bye. -- Steve Toll, Medford, N.J.

Hey guys, I know you featured a link to the "Top 10 Poker Hotties" a few days back, but with all due respect to, but how can they leave out Shana Hiatt?! A model and former Playmate, she HAS to be in there. Granted it would be hard to bump the other nominees, but her résumé tops some of them outright. -- Kirby, Hackensack, N.J.

I realize the new Knight Rider is the cheesiest thing on TV today, but can I please get some love for Deanna Russo? She's the only thing keeping that show on my DVR recording schedule. -- Kent, Fargo, N.D.

I like your "Women of Hot Clicks." It includes the hottest from Dancing With the Stars (Julianne Hough, Kelly Monaco, and Stacy Keibler) and the hottest from American Idol (Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee. Not so much Kellie Pickler). Only one I would add to the list would be Sophia Bush, from One Tree Hill, but not a lot of people are familiar with her or the show. -- Jimmy, Los Angeles

I don't understand the love for Greg Oden. Everything that has happened to him is simply explained through karma. When he shoved Justin Cage from Xavier into the eleventh row and somehow did not get a flagrant, he cheated his way into the Sweet 16 so all this karma is coming back in the form of injuries. -- David, Rochester, N.Y.

Dave, I'm a huge believer in karma, and I thought Oden's foul on Cage was bush league. But I think he got his fill of karma last year, when he was sidelined by an injury all season. Everyone's entitled to a mistake. Oden made one in that Xavier game. But, in my opinion, he's a good guy who the NBA needs to succeed because of his fun personality.

I was watching the NBA on TNT recently and I noticed something strange. There is a yellow line that appears underneath the score of the team who is winning. Do they think that we need such a quick reference that we simply can't do the math ourselves? Do we really need a line to tell us that 50 is more points than 49? Why even put the score up there, apparently all we need to know is who is winning not how close or out of reach the game is. Why, Hot Clicks, does TNT think we are so simple? -- Jeff Tucker, Havana, Ill.

Every network thinks you are simple. Why else would they insult you by having those stupid "Keys the Game" features that say "X team needs to avoid turnovers?" Or why would they subject you to so many mind-numbing dumb halftime interviews with coaches who say things like "We need to come out in the second half and score some points?" Bottom line: Networks don't care one iota about you. You just have to deal with it.