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Used MLB underwear on eBay: Hot Clicks

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Just In Time For The Holidays

Underwear models :: Chris Farina/Getty Images

You're probably asking yourself, "Why are there two underwear models at the top of today's Hot Clicks?" Well, we're glad you asked. It's not because we want to mention Victoria's Secret yet again this week. It's because today's lead story actually is about underwear. You see, some guy has gotten his hands on the used -- yes, used -- underwear of Alex Rodriguez, Josh Beckett and Kevin Youkilis. And said guy is selling them on eBay, with the bidding starting at $9.99. We guess Madonna won't be bidding on A-Rod's undergarments. The Yankee slugger has finally spoken out about his relationship with the pop star, and to no one's surprise, Rodriguez offered the standard "we're just friends" line.

In Better Yankees Couple News...

When we heard new Yankees first baseman Nick Swisherinterviewed onMike Francesa's radio show three weeks ago, we thought he came off as a really cool dude who seemed like a total character. So, we immediately texted co-worker Gennaro Filice and told him Swisher was already our second-favorite Yankee (No. 1 is a no-brainer). That was a slight exaggeration because Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada will always hold down the Nos. 2 and 3 spots, respectively, as long as they're on the team. But Swisher did jump into the top five. And now our fondness for him just shot up even more after seeing his model girlfriend.

Anger Management Issues

From Joe Buck flipping out because Randy Moss fake-mooned the Green Bay crowd to a classic minor league managerial tirade, The Angry T is looking at the Worst Overreactions of All-Time.

Today's Plaxico Burress Links

Cartoon courtesy of

Holy Taco wonders what would happen if Plaxico Burress had a comic book. Meanwhile, Extra Mustard's Paul Tinelliis comparing two people who shouldn't play with guns -- Burress and Ralphie from A Christmas Story. And National Lampoon is revisiting the minute-by-minute timeline of the day Burress shot himself.

Making The Unwatchable Watchable

Since we're at the point of the NFL season when we have a solid idea of which teams are postseason bound and which are playing out the string, Real Clear Sports offers some amusing suggestions on what clubs in the latter category can do to make their games more interesting. Shutdown Corner has one suggestion for the Lions: Play Allen Iverson at quarterback.

Random Sports Links

There is a new movie out about Ryan Leaf. Seriously. This has The Sports Hump wondering what other films could be made about NFL quarterbacks ... The Good Point has penned an open letter to Greg Oden's neckbeard ... From those of you still alive in Survivor/Knockout Pools, here are your Week 14 tips. ...

Random Non-Sports Links

SI Recommends

Jith, Portland, Ore., sends along one of the creepiest, yet funniest, products you'll ever see. Brent, of Lombard, Ill., sends this cool feature, which gives you some unique playlist suggestions. Last, but certainly not least, Wednesday we linked you to the 40 hottest celebrities over 40. Today, we have the 40 hottest celebrities under 25.

Today's Celebrity Calendar

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson is a model and TV star in England who is currently engaged to Birmingham City striker, Marcus Bent. She has a 2009 calendar. And before you e-mail, we know the above pic says "2008." But it's from her 2009 calendar.

"Sloppy Seconds" On Facebook

We have the 12 hottest "sloppy second" WAGS and something for Salma Hayek fans on our Hot Clicks Facebook Group page.

Campus Clicks

We suspect Florida smells like a tasty Tebow fillet to 'Bama's Terrence Cody. :: AP, Masik

Get your 'Bama- and Florida-scented cologne ...Tailgaiting Nation swings by Allen Field House ... Tempe 12 models prepare you for Pac-10 ball ... The fan's requisite bowl game travel guide.

Sports Video Of The Day

One-minute-and-thirty-five-seconds of the best touchdown celebrations (with crappy audio, unfortunately) in recent years.

Disturbing Commercial Of The Day

Brian Chelgren, of Munster, Ind. says "I came across this jewel of a contraption while doing some downloading ... er, shopping on the internet. The name of the contraption? The Wunder Boner.

Music Video Of The Day

Big P., of Tampa, Fla., writes "I wonder how many people have seen or heard of this video. It's probably one of the scariest/ weirdest things ever. Check out the group of young boys near the end. Oh, and the end of the video is terrifying. It's not related to sports, I just think that everyone should know about this before they see another Eddie Murphy movie." Two things. One, we know the video because we watch VH-1 Classic way too much. And two, we don't think Eddie Murphy is the one you should be afraid of in this video.

One More Music Video Of The Day

Ron C., of Seattle, says "You don't have to post this, but if you do, that would be great. I was watching a friends' documentary and Journey's Separate Ways came on and I was inspired to look up the music video. And I love Journey just as much as the next guy in line, but this video could be the worst video ever. Notice that half the time they are playing air instruments and the girl in the video looks like the female version of Ivan Drago. But you gotta love the close ups of Steve Perry." Ron, how did you know that this was one of our all-time favorite videos?

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