By Don Banks
December 10, 2008

I'm not an odds-maker, but somebody ought to try and compute the likelihood of the NFL having its first 16-0 team and its first 0-16 team, in consecutive seasons. Maybe it's global warming, but things do seem to go to the extremes of late, be it in New England or Detroit.

For my money, the Lions' run at perfection is getting vastly underplayed. I'm not saying it's as hard to go winless as it is undefeated in the NFL, but it's close in the parity-loving league Roger Goodell presides over.

Like the Patriots last year, I think Detroit's going to make it through the regular season without a slip-up (meaning a success in this case). And that makes Caleb Campbell the big winner. The seventh-round pick out of Army was this close to being a 2008 Detroit Lion, but fate intervened and he got to stay in the military instead. Lucky guy. (Send comments to Don Banks.)

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