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Sorry, Guys, Gisele's Off The Market

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen: Getty Images

My friend called last Friday, saying, "So did you hear the news? Gisele is officially off the market?" Confused, I asked him to elaborate. "Well, apparently Tom Brady proposed to her on a private jet Christmas Eve and she accepted." OK, let's forget for a moment whether the story is true. (Brady's dad and Gisele's sister are denying the TMZ report for the record.) Unless your name is Tom Brady, Leonardo DiCaprio or Kelly Slater (or you fly on private jets on Xmas Eve), you were never in the "market" for Gisele. But I guess we all have our fantasies. So with that in mind, take a moment to admire this gallery of Gisele Bundchen photos before she officially joins the Brady Bunch.

Game, Set, Match for K-Fed

If Britney Spears can have a comeback, why can't K-Fed? Well, for starters, he'd need to have actually had a career to qualify for one, but somehow he's still finding ways to make news (sort of). Brit's baby daddy is apparently hooking up with Victoria Prince, a former All-American and AVP Beach Volleyball player from Hawaii.


Looking for some solace after finishing an unprecedented 0-16 season, Lions fans? Well, as bad as things may have been in 2008, it wasn't the worst year ever when put in historical context. Just ask Lindsay Lohan, Michael Vick and Pee-Wee Herman.

When Refs Strike Back

Ed Hochuli: Icon SMI

After years of getting run over and mistreated by football and futbol players, it seems there is a growing trend of referees exacting some revenge. The Angry T put together the best referee tackles and surprisingly Ed Hochuli's guns were not involved.

Santa's Helpers

Almost lost in the madness of the NBA playing a five-game marathon on Christmas Day was that many NBA dance teams did their best to ring in the holidays with sultry Santa outfits that would make even jolly old Saint Nick do a double take. The Blaze of Love looks at the best costumes during this year's holiday season.

Wii Baseball Player on DL

Besides Guitar Hero, there isn't a video game more fun to play than Wii Baseball. The folks at Home Run Derby agree and have followed the game for the past year, chronicling some its more hilarious moments, from a kid breaking a glass TV cabinet to Minnesota Twins legend Tony Oliva schooling his 10-year old grandson in a game. Now they've come across the first injury suffered while playing the game. This kid certainly won't be mistaken for Cal Ripken Jr. anytime soon.

Today's Celebrity Phone Number

Anna Rawson: Getty Images

The crew over at IGN recently did an interview with golfer, model, writer and my former USC classmate Anna Rawson and spiced it up with photos of her -- seemingly after every other paragraph. Good call guys. In doing some, ahem, research for photos on her website that might work in this spot, I saw that Rawson is giving out "her number" to fans who'd like to call her and leave a message. If you want to feel slightly less creepy than a dude calling a 1-900 number tonight, punch in 213-785-7675 and speak your piece. Anna might even call you back personally if you leave your number and don't sound like you're wearing a soiled trench coat and hanging around a park.

Cheerleaders Gone Wild...Sort Of

Remember the Caitlin Davis scandal? She was the Patriots cheerleader kicked off the team due to naughty Facebook photos. Anyway, Uncoached apparently uncovered pictures of the Pats cheerleaders partying in Punta Cana. They're nice, but not as naughty as we would have thought.

Best College Football Moments of 2008

There may be a lot of meaningless bowls before New Year's Eve, but don't let that stop you from remembering the top ten images and moments of the season.

Campus Clicks

Eric Devendorf learned how important it is to give. : AP

Syracuse guard Eric Devendorf does his holiday good deeds in a local Rescue Mission ... Big pigskin pig-out ... Think before you pose ... The greatest meaningless bowl ... Video: Samurai fun.

Enter Sandman on Kazoo

It may not be the most intimidating instrument, but something tells me that if Mariano Rivera came out of the bullpen to this little ditty, it still would send, well maybe not shivers, but gales of paralyzing laughter through most opposing batters.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Another Ron Burgundy

Wait, what was Dana's excuse for missing the newscast today?

Unnecessary Censorship

There's nothing better on late night than Jimmy Kimmel?s Unnecessary Censorship segment. Here's the hilarious year-end edition.

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