Hot Clicks: Gisele's risque shoot, major hockey fight

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Gisele Gets Risque

Gisele Bundchen :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Gisele Bundchen gets undressed -- in a safe for work way -- for Vogue. Oh, yeah, and she talks about Tom Brady.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

It takes 50 seconds for this Blackhawks-Canucks brawl to get warmed up, but once it does, it's a doozy. You'll especially enjoy the hair pulling that takes place at the 1:30 mark.

Famous Feuds

The ongoing Josh McDaniels-Jay Cutler dust-up has prompted Pyle of List to look back at other memorable in-house feuds.

Poor Guy Has Never Worked With Minka

Zach Gilford

Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilfordwas kind enough to chat with me last Friday for this Q&A. We discussed the future of the show, Matt Saracen's move from QB to WR, his favorite scenes, his hatred of Twitter, the flak he's gotten for having an attractive girlfriend, Minka Kelly (of course) and much more.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Mark Cubanhas been fined $25,000 for bashing the refs in a Twitter update.

I Wonder If He Knows About Hot Clicks

In case you missed the 60 Minutes feature on LeBron James last night, you can check it out here. The most interesting part, in my opinion, was LeBron saying that he never heard of Sports Illustrated until he was on this cover.

Awesome Time Killer

Can you find all 99 Seinfeld references in this painting?

Hottest Student Bodies On Facebook

For the 50 best colleges ranked by looks, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook Group page. And for random updates, check out Twitter.

Sports Video Of The Day

Virginia and Maryland played the longest game in lacrosse history Saturday -- seven overtimes. Here is the audio of the game-winning goal. As you can imagine, the announcer kinda lost it. (Thanks to Howie, of Charlottesville, Va., for the link.)

Guitar Hero Video Of The Day

In case you missed the new Guitar Hero ad that aired during yesterday's games, here are Bobby Knight, Roy Williams, Rick Pitino and Mike Krzyzewski in their skivvies.

Seinfeld Video Of The Day

Since there's a link about the classic sitcom above, how about some bloopers?

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