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Hot Clicks: Kelly Carlson and Tie Domi, Cutler's downgrade

Embarrassing Oversight

Kelly Carlson :: Courtesy of

Everyone's new favorite hockey club should be the University of Illinois' men's team. Why? Because one of its players, Brad Hoelzer, e-mailed to say he and his teammates wanted to know why Hot Clicks has never mentioned the fact that former NHL enforcer Tie Domi is dating Nip/Tuck star Kelly Carlson. There's a simple answer: I'm an idiot and I had no idea they were dating. A quick Google search shows that they've been together for more than a year. That's just a disgraceful effort by me. But at least I know now and can link to these unbelievable photos (especially the one on the bottom left) of Carlson.

Speaking Of Couples ...

Kevin Flight, of Boston, says, "Heather Mitts is so hot she may put soccer (not just women's soccer, but soccer) on the map in Boston. Check out this photo in the new Boston Magazine." Here's something else to check out: Mitts and Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley -- who appeared in an SI Swimsuit Issue -- got engaged last December.

Conversations With A Blogger

Since sports blogs are a huge part of Hot Clicks, I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys get to know some of the people behind those sites. So every few weeks, I'm going to check in with a blogger and get his or her thoughts on a variety of subjects. First up, Awful Announcing'sBrian Powell.

LeBron James Has Never Been To A Hockey Game

Alexander Ovechkin, LeBron James :: Courtesy of

LeBron James met Alexander Ovechkin before the Cavs game against the Wizards last night. D.C. Sports Bog has the exclusive, behind-the-scenes details (and photos) of the get-together, with the most interesting tidbit being LeBron telling Capitals owner Ted Leonsis that he's never been to a hockey game. Oh, and LeBron stiffed Ovechkin out of a jersey, too.

Who Are Devin Aromashodu and Brandon Rideau?

Chad R., of Shannon, Ill., says, "Hey, Jimmy, with the acquisition of Jay Cutler, I'm wondering if this post that you linked a few months ago can be put to rest, or if we have to wait a while yet." The post is about how bad Bears quarterbacks have been. Obviously, Cutler is not a bad quarterback. And when you see the full list of recent Bears quarterbacks, it seems heartless to rain on the parade of their fans. But I do think Cutler has been slightly overrated throughout this mess. I've seen him make an unbelievable amount of awful decisions. But to me, the biggest thing about the trade is this: He's gone from having Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal and Brandon Stokley to having -- according to -- Rashied Davis, Devin Aromashodu, Earl Bennett, John Broussard and Brandon Rideau. Have fun, Jay.

Down On The Farm

1) The Mets' Triple A affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons, are offering free Opening Day tickets to anyone who is unemployed.

2) On Tuesday, May 19, the Reading Phillies will hold "Gluttony Night."

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SI Recommends

In Case You Want To Vote

Two brackets that Hot Clicks linked to in the past are down to the nitty-gritty and you may want to vote. In Sparty and Friends' tournament to determine the best sports movie, it's Caddyshack vs. Major League. And in 93.7 The Bus' tournament to determine the best classic rock song, the Final Four consists of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird, The Eagles' Hotel California, AC/DC's Back in Black and Aerosmith's Dream On.

Random Links

Here are Wrestlemania's greatest moments. ... Here are the top seven matches in Wrestlemania Hhistory ... Here are the top 11 songs in South Park history (warning: link contains strong language.)

A Very Important Announcement

No, I'm not going to tell you to watch/TiVo Friday Night Lights tonight, even though you should and I'm giving you 100 pictures ofMinka Kelly as a way to bribe you into giving this show a chance now that you know it'll be around for two more years.Apparently, the trailer for Sasha Baron Cohen's Bruno has hit the Internet. The loyal readers of Hot Clicks have been e-mailing it to me non-stop since last night and I'm extremely appreciative that you're thinking of me. But I refuse to watch it. Like Frank Costanza, I like to go in fresh. So, since I haven't watched it, I can't directly link to it as I'm sure it's filthy, but you can find it here, toward the bottom.

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Sports Video Of The Day

A Final Four rap.


Singing Kid Video Of The Day

This clip of a kid singing some Foreigner has been around a while, but it's new to Hot Clicks. (Thanks to Fran D., of Glenside, Pa., for the link.)

Watch Lil Jukebox Hero on CollegeHumor

Dumb Fan Video Of The Day

Major props to the person who filmed this at a recent Boston Bruins game. (Thanks to Arty, of Providence, R.I., for the link.)

Jessica Biel Video Of The Day

I never thought Ellen DeGeneres clips would get so much play in Hot Clicks, but after yesterday's video of Halle Berry shaking her thing, Adam, of Greenville, S.C., says I must show Jessica Biel doing the same. After you watch the video below, you'll also want to check this out. Trust me.

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