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Hot Clicks: Jesikah Maximus, Kevin Youkilis' beard speaks

Delmon Young Likes Big Butts And He Cannot Lie

Jesikah Maximus

In this week's Pop Culture Grid, which is posted on Extra Mustard every Wednesday, one of the questions posed to the panel of athletes is, "Who would you love to wrestle with?" Twins outfielder Delmon Young answered Jesikah Maximus. I had never heard of Maximus, but the name sounded intriguing so I did some research. Actually, I just typed her name into Google. It turns out that Maximus is a model known for having a particular asset that's, um, ample. Anyway, I'd like to thank Young for bringing Maximus to our attention.

Speaking Of Ample Assets ...

Kim Kardashian took in last night's Knicks game, prompting this feature titled "Kim Kardashian teaches you seven ways to be a basketball fan" from The World of Isaac.

For Eastbound And Down Fans

During the last several weeks, I've gotten lots of e-mails about the HBO show Eastbound and Down, which is about a former major league player (Kenny Powers) who is now a gym teacher. Most readers have asked that I link to Powers' Facebook page or feature the show's lead actress, Katy Mixon. I'm doing that today because word just came down that the show has been renewed for a second season.

In Hair's Own Words

Kevin Youkilis :: Greg Trott/Getty Images

God, that headline is awful. Moving on ... Have you ever wondered what Kevin Youkilis' beard thinks? Of course you have. Who hasn't? Well, this will tell you. (Thanks to Phil Henson, of Boston, for the link.)

Masters Talk

The Angry T has somehow come up with the 30 best golf commercials of all time. ... SFT Sports tries to figure out which golfers certain female celebrities would pick to win the tournament. Oh, and they post a picture of each celebrity wearing a green bikini. ... CoEd Magazine presents the Gorgeous Girls Golfing: Masters Edition.

Thabeet Never Heard Of Phelps

Who knows how much of this New York Daily Newsgossip story aboutMichael Phelps drinking and partying is true. But if any of it's true, I'm hoping it's this part: "But the night wasn't all fun and games for Phelps. During the course of the evening, [Phelps] recognized UConn basketball player Hasheem Thabeet and went over to introduce himself. 'Hasheem had absolutely no clue who Michael was, and [Phelps] walked away looking a little embarrassed,' says the onlooker."

Time-Killer Of The Day

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SI Recommends

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured a video about stadium bathroom etiquette. Reader Andrew, of Rice Lake, Wis., follows up that up with this tremendous game that tests your knowledge of which urinal you should use in various situations.

Must-See Onion Video

For one of The Onion's best videos, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook group. And for Twitter Tweets less amusing than this one from Barry Zito -- "It's cold in my room, but my Dutch oven warms me up" -- you can follow me on Twitter.

Sports Video Of The Day

Lots of amazing hockey goals have been scored recently. Here's another. This is a shootout goal from Tuesday by Nick Lindberg of the IHL's Port Huron Icehawks. (Thanks to Jacob Wesolek, of Port Huron, Mich., and Ethan, of Philadelphia, for the link.)

Must-See Basket Of The Day

We've all seen a lot of desperation heaves, but I guarantee that you never saw one like this. (Thanks to Josh Brickey, of Columbia, S.C., and Jillian, of Oak Creek, Wis., for the link.)

Karate Kid Video Of The Day

The folks at were kind enough to have me on their podcast this week. One of the questions posed to me was, "If you were a closer, what music would you come out of the bullpen to?" This was my answer.

Awkward Interview Of The Day

Heard this on Howard Stern's show this morning. These things are always much better with Howard's commentary, but listening to Billy Bob Thornton being an unbelievable, um, I can't use any of the words that I want to use on, is pretty amazing.

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