Hot Clicks: Kim Kardashian spies, Mr. T sings national anthem

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Be Careful, Reggie

Kim Kardashian :: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

A lot went on over the three-day weekend, and I'll link to some of the best stuff in the next item, but let's start by giving Saints running back Reggie Bush a warning: Don't cheat on Kim Kardashian. She WILL bust you. Check out how Kim broke intoRashad McCants' voice mail to prove he was cheating on her sister.

Still Talking About The Shot

You've seen the amazing finish to Game 2 of the Magic-Cavaliers series, but it's worth watching again, especially this version that shows Stan Van Gundy telling his players to make sure they don't leave the Cavs time to take one more shot. But what you need to watch more than anything is this video of a Cleveland newscast that was on the air when LeBron James hit his amazing shot. (Thanks to Jeffrey Robinson, of Powdersville, S.C., and Dave Kerka, of Hudson, Ohio, for the link.)

Dissin' Denver

How did Vince McMahon and WWE handle the Nuggets' controversy during last night's Monday Night Raw from the Staples Center? These photos will show you.

Pity The People Who Had To Hear This

Dan, of Fort Wayne, Ind., said, "Mr. T sang during the seventh-inning stretch for the Cubs game Monday night. Find the video, it was a classic. EPIC FAIL." Video found.

Mr. T :: AP

Remember The Name "Clay Zavada"

Why? Because the Diamondbacks' pitcher is sporting a Rollie Fingers mustache.

He Should Stick To Steroid Accusations

Jose Canseco's MMA debut lasted 1:16.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Even in the "Where Amazing Happens" videos, you can see the lack of love between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal as Kobe goes for the high-five and Shaq just ignores him.

La-Z-Boy Video Of The Day

This ranks up there with electricity and TiVo as the greatest inventions of all time.

The Gas-Powered La-Z-Boy - Watch more Funny Videos

Bad Commercial Of The Day

Featuring an attractive woman doesn't automatically make a double entendre funny.

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