Hot Clicks: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Tom Brady's 'Entourage' spoilers

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Tom Vs. Turtle

The Boston Heraldhas full spoilers on Tom Brady's Aug. 9 appearance on Entourage. Without giving anything away, it sounds like Brady causes some tension for Turtle and girlfriend Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Ultimate Reality Show

In case you haven't heard, Stephon Marbury has been the star of his own Web show over the past few days. He basically put a Web cam on himself, sits at his desk and just rambles. Sometimes he goes for a swim, eats Vaseline or cries while listening to music. But it's mostly him rambling. has rounded up some of Marbury's most bizarre quotes from this interesting experiment, that even has Shaq talking.

The Only Madden You'll Get This Season

Madden 2010 doesn't come out until Aug. 14, but it's already causing a buzz. Here are rules and etiquette to make the game a better experience. Here is the Madden soundtrack. And here's a preview.

Well, That's Unfortunate

Omaha Beef

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured an item on the Indoor Football League's Omaha Beef. Well, as usual, Hot Clicks Nation dug deeper to find more interesting tidbits. Ray, of Houston and Cy Young, of San Carlos, Calif., (I'm guessing that's a fake name) pointed out that there's an interesting player on the Beef roster, which you can see above. Meanwhile, Seth Gordon, of Germantown, Md., Mike Farrer, of Regina, Saskatchewan, Andrew, of Atlanta, Amanda, of China Grove, N.C., and Jeff Brown, of Apex, N.C., all pointed out that while Omaha Beef is good, it's not as good as this.

Random Links

Bryce Dallas Howardis just likeTerrell Owens. ... Home Run Derby has put together a compilation of videos featuring baseballs breaking cameras. ... Here are the top 10 worst excuses and injuries in baseball history.

Introducing The Shake Weight

J.L., of Beaumont, Texas, says this is "definitely the most bizarre product and commercial." As with most commercials for a piece of exercise equipment, it also comes off as kinda dirty. But it might explain how Madonna got to look like this. (Thanks to Marc B., of Wilmington, N.C., for the link.)

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes this great spoof of the Mets' latest dust-up with the media.

Tiffani Thiessen Video Of The Day

The woman who played Kelly Kapowski explains why she won't participate in the Saved by the Bell reunion that Jimmy Fallon is trying to organize.

Tiffani Thiessen is Busy from Tiffani Thiessen

Music Video Of The Day

I've often been accused of having a mancrush, but even if you don't have one, you will still enjoy this hysterical song about the guys other guys can't be blamed for liking.

Why The Country Is In Shambles Video Of The Day

I'm about five days late on this, but it still needs to be posted. (Thanks to Brian Kraus, of Concord, N.H., for the link.)

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