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Is There A Draft In Here?

With many of you preparing for fantasy football drafts, you should check out Fantasy Football Forecast's piece on what your draft-day attire says about you. The site breaks down the eight types of people at your draft based on what they wear. One of the categories is "Miss Distraction," whose attire consists of a bikini. Now, I've never done a draft where someone shows up dressed like, oh, say, SI Swimsuit model Irina Shayk, but the list is strong nonetheless. And if you're struggling to come up with a name for your squad, check out this fantasy football team name generator. I chose "Goofy Adjective" and "Things That Sound Dirty But Are Not." The team name given to me? The Angry Cockatoos. (Thanks to Rob McVey, of Hendersonville, Tenn., and Stu Richter, of Los Angeles., for the link.)

Irina Shayk :: Riccardo Tinelli/SI

They Know Their Audience

With college football just around the corner, there's a bit of controversy brewing (pun intended) on some campuses across the country. Anheuser-Busch has started using local schools' team colors on beer cans. The marketing campaign, which caters to 27 schools, has university administrators concerned that this will lead to even more drinking by college students. Yeah, college kids would never drink without those team-colored cans. And they'd never check out pictures of good-looking college football fans if Hot Clicks didn't just give them the link. (Thanks to Heath Wilson, of Madison, Ala., for the link.)

267 Friends Is Impressive

If someone hacked into Michael Vick's Facebook page, what would it look like?

How The Hell Did He Do This? ::

Patrick, of Pittsburgh, says, "Jimmy, maybe I'm biased as the '91 Pens-Stars Game 6 is one of my earliest sports memories and NHL91 on Sega was one of my favorite video games, but this is crazy! Someone has WAY too much time on their hands." What Patrick is referring to is, a site that features Game 6 of the '91 Stanley Cup finals reenacted by using NHL91. And for more video game goodness, Tyler Stafford, of Bloomington, Ill., tells us to "check out this RIDICULOUSBo Jackson run from Tecmo Bowl."

It's Not As Easy As It Looks is looking at the eight categories of awkward high fives. Somehow, this one did not make the cut.

"The Duracell Treatment"?

It's funny. One minute, ESPN is covering Brett Favre's return the way networks covered the O.J. Simpson car chase, and the next minute, one of its writers is telling Packers fans to throw batteries at the Vikings' quarterback.

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Sports Video Of The Day

In case you haven't heard by now, Chad Ochocinco kicked an extra point Thursday night.

Mascot Video Of The Day

Jamaica's Melaine Walker won the 400-meter hurdles at the world championships yesterday. But this does not seem like what should happen to someone who's just won an event. (Thanks to Julio, of Hartford, Conn., for the link.)

Synchronized Cycling Video Of The Day

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