Hot Clicks: Carrie Milbank loves hockey, Tim Tebow Night nixed

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Carrie On

Since we're one week away from college football season and two weeks away from NFL season, this is a good time to lead off with a hockey link. Several members of Hot Clicks Nation regularly request some love for Carrie Milbank, a host who can be seen on and the NHL Network. Milbank recently gave Puck Daddy her five reasons for loving hockey. How can you not love her given reasons No. 1 and No. 3?

Carrie Milbank:: Katie Ambrose/The Hockey News

Derek. Sanderson. Jeter.

Derek Jeter means business. There's been a big "Jeter for MVP" movement the past couple of weeks, and he's doing his best to convince those of us who think Mark Teixeira may be more worthy of the nod to reconsider, following up a .357 July with a .382 August. But an MVP award isn't enough for Jeter, if you believe the New York Post's Page Six. It's reporting that Jeter and Minka Kelly are engaged. Kelly's people deny the story. Well, at least if I'm gonna lose out on Minka, it's to my hero. (Thanks to the million of you who sent me the link.)

I'd Like To See That Toilet

College football players can't get paid, but a coach can have a $50,000-$70,000 bathroom built for him? Yeah, that's totally fair.

(Nixed) Promotion Of The Day

Tim Tebow:: Saul Loeb/Getty Images

It's Tim Tebow's world and we're just living in it. There's an entire blog (TimTeblog) that covers all things Tebow. He even allowed President Obama to shake his hand back in April. But one thing that won't happen is a minor league baseball promotion dedicated to the Florida quarterback. The Fort Myers Miracle had all sorts of fun things planned -- promise rings and a mock circumcision, just to name a couple -- but sadly, Florida got all up in arms about it and now the night won't happen.

What Took So Long For This Great Idea?

As you prepare for your fantasy football draft(s), the sad reality is that no matter how prepared you are and no matter how well you draft, you're one injury away from having your team ruined. That's why everyone should invest in some fantasy football insurance.

Quiz Time

How well can you identify 20 classic MLB mustaches?

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Sports Video Of The Day

I can't figure out if this clip is a good sign or bad sign that I don't watch Shaq Vs.

Commercial Of The Day

Good job, Fox Sports. (Thanks to Pete Muller, of Casper, Wyo., for the link.).

Hoe Attack Video Of The Day

Via Warming Glow, which has full details on this story, comes this clip of a woman attempting to attack a reporter with a hoe.

Twitter Video Of The Day

I can't believe I'm about to type this, but Ryan Seacrest is actually somewhat funny in this video.

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