Hot Clicks: FSU Cowgirls and other hot fan bases, Elway gets married

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It's That Time Of Year Again

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We are less than a week away from the college football season and gratuitous shots of good-looking college girls in the stands. But which fan base has the hottest student section? Bleacher Report counts down the top 40 and concludes that LSU leads the nation, but these Seminoles fans make a strong case for Florida State. Speaking of the student section, the National Lampoon blog has an excellent piece on the different types of annoying people you tend to find in the stands.

FSU Fans :: Ken McKimm/Icon SMI

It's Good To Be A Quarterback

A certain someone is expected to play the entire first half of tonight's Vikings-Texans game, but we enjoyed this old-school pic of Brett Favre and a gaggle of female admirers. In other news, John Elway married a former Raiders cheerleader over the weekend.

Watch Out For The Tree

Joe Sports Fan (via My Modern Net) has one of the more interesting stories of the summer. As a form of protest against former dictator Pinochet, an artist planted a 10-meter high magnolia in the center of Chile's National Stadium -- which once housed tortured political prisoners. It's a pretty cool visual to see a random tree in the middle of a stadium, but the real fun began when two teams played an actual game there.

20 Top Fictional Mobsters

James Gandolfini : AP

Tony Soprano isn't just a Rutgers fan; he's also the second scariest fictional mobster of all time. Can you guess who's No. 1?

Quick Cheerleader Notes

The Trojans may be rolling the dice with a freshman at quarterback, but they'll be doing it without my favorite Song Girl, Lindsey Grubbs, whose profile has mysteriously disappeared from the team's Web site. At least USC isn't UConn, which has dropped its cheer squad altogether in favor of a "spirit squad." On a more positive note, SI has worked hard to build the greatest college cheerleading collection in the land, and Coed Magazine has ranked our 20 hottest Cheerleaders of the Week.

Random Links

Derek Jeter is not engaged to Minka Kelly. ... NGN Sports pays tribute to the best jheri curls in sports history. ... has a nice collection of 17 clutch athletes. ... Controversy erupted in China when a player was deemed too tall to play in a league for short players. ... Blackhawkup has its choices for five hottest NHL Ice Girls.

A Reason To Like David Beckham

You got to give David Beckham credit -- he loves cheerleaders and isn't afraid to uncomfortably stare at them.

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Sports Video Of The Day

I attended a wedding in Philadelphia over the weekend and discovered Eddie, the nation's greatest 2-year-old baseball fan, on the local news.

LSU Video Of The Day

After watching this video, I am convinced LSU has the nicest facilities of any school in the country.

Talking Animal Video Of The Day

SuperTremendous gives us Odie and six other talking animals.

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